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"We're playing to win, and that means having the determination and flexibility to transform our teams, simplify our portfolio (of products) and focus our resources close to our customers, as well as harness both the power and opportunities of network convergence,"
"The path to full potential travels through the valley of set-backs..."
"We have seen that Graeme has outstanding leadership qualities, and we believe he has the talent and determination to come out of this batting slump. Cricket South Africa had no hesitation in confirming our confidence in him as captain and opening batsman."
"We've made no determination to ask for another increase in rates. I won't speculate on any possibility of that in the future."
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"The determination is there, ... The effort has certainly not slackened in any way. And I think the parties wouldn't be here -- we wouldn't be here -- if we didn't think there was some potential."
"We are not dragging our feet, nor we lack in determination to deal with the complex problem which has to be handled with care. It has to be addressed in its long-term perspective and not through use of force,"
"In my opinion it's determination and love of your fellow man."
"We'll let the voters make the determination about the impact of this. It's unlikely he'll eat into our base. Lynn Swann is Western Pennsylvania."
"I recall seeing him [as a closer] against my clubs. He's got just fierce determination and [is] a great competitor. Now I have to add pretty good public speaker to that after listening to him on this. He's pretty impressive all-around."
"We have not made a determination yet whether we will call him as a witness at trial."
"We shall not be moved."
"Our efforts were fantastic. We can play better, but the spirit, determination and passion were there... We're still alive."
"This year, I think there is more of a determination and a setting of the bar. [Yost] clearly set a bar for the players. I have only been here one day, but I sense a different atmosphere this year."
"We will go into this season with a great motivation, great humility and also a great determination to get back to the top. We have the team, we have the means and we have the drivers, so there is no excuse not to return to where we were, and this will be our aim."
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"We are determined that before the sun sets on this terrible struggle, our flag will be recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom on the one hand and of overwhelming force on the other."
"His powers of concentration or determination to get the job done are just so phenomenal. It's on the level of Jack Nicklaus."
"Jim's a dynamic man with incredible determination, willpower and energy. He's the ultimate in a driven person who has high expectations. The people around him respond. He's on the cutting edge with an outstanding football mind."
"All of them (the players) just sticking at it and never conceding and showing real determination."
"There is a place in God's sun for the youth 'farthest down' who has the vision, the determination, and the courage to reach it."
"I believe there is the determination and the will to do it and I believe we will have a good day,"

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