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Discipline Quotes

249 Discipline quotes:

"Be patient. The path of self-discipline that leads to God-realization is not an easy path: obstacles and sufferings are on the path; the latter you must bear, and the former overcome -- all by His help. His help comes only through concentration. Repetition of God's name helps concentration."
"We find nothing easier than being wise, patient, superior. We drip with the oil of forbearance and sympathy, we are absurdly just, we forgive everything. For that very reason we ought to discipline ourselves a little; for that very reason we ought to cultivate a little emotion, a little emotional vice, from time to time. It may be hard for us; and among ourselves we may perhaps laugh at the appearance we thus present. But what of that! We no longer have any other mode of self-overcoming available to us: this is our asceticism, our penance."
"From Fred Astaire I learned discipline and hard work."
"You're going to see continued cost discipline. So when growth comes it won't be spent on things like wage increases, but will flow to the bottom line."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"Hydrogeology is not a simple discipline, ... It's full of variables that are always changing."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"Let us guide our students over the road of discipline from materials, through function, to creative work. Let us lead them into the healthy world of primitive building methods, where there was meaning in every stroke of an axe, expression in every bite of chisel."
Author: Mies Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"The real and effectual discipline which is exercised over a workman is ... that of his customers. It is the fear of losing their employment which restrains his frauds and corrects his negligence."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."
Author: Reeve Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"We had 11 penalties last week. We are going to talk about mental discipline. I don't think that we deserve a lot of those (penalties). Jos Holt is just quick on the ball."
"You have to be disciplined because if you lose your discipline and lose your shape, we're playing against better players, so they'll take advantage."
Author: Jewell Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"I'm a huge proponent of weight training. We lift at 6 because of the work ethic required, the discipline and doing the right thing. It makes them accountable. It makes them be on time."
Author: Sampson Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"It comes down to discipline and technique."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"The discipline that is needed in our lives is the discipline that comes from within."
Author: Hinkley Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"I was pleased with our patience and discipline on offense. Montpelier is quick and physical, but we held our own on the boards."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly."
"The question of the fire, the motivation, the discipline, it's all there. What you can't account for is what happened in Carolina last year."
Author: Lurie Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"We're looking at each element, each discipline of our operation to determine how this happened and why."
Author: Dolan Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"That would undermine the whole concept of fiscal discipline."
Author: Bixby Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"The carriers seem unable to muster the discipline to reasonably price their product,"
"On both sides of the ball I see strong discipline, very good schemes, and players that play in a physical way. They play hard. That's why they win so often."
Author: Stoops Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes

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