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"But I would hope however, that the diversity and differences that we have amongst and between us, we should see as a strength and as something we should celebrate rather than fear."
Author: Turia Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"The colleges can still look for diversity in their entering classes, but the question is how do they look to that? ... Because you can't establish point policies for minorities, you have to effectively be more creative and less definitive."
Author: Lorber Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"I can't perceive of a football playoff in the private school sector with a diversity of teams,"
"Diversity is the lifeblood of our vibrant city. The Conga Room is proud to partner with l.a. live to showcase its unique brand of Latin culture and music."
Author: Smits Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"But even race-neutral policies and recruitment efforts designed to achieve greater diversity are, in the end, not race neutral."
Author: Schiff Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"They were the lowest rent in town for women, and we had a lot of diversity."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"The cruise-industry growth is adding to the diversity of our visitor market."
Author: Wienert Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"This adds diversity to the area and there are so few places to eat around here; you have to go so far,"
"This is a step back. Instead of seeing more diversity (on the court) at a time of increasing diversity in the country ... we're seeing less."
"It was teeming with a diversity of life, with mussels, tubeworms, fish and crabs. Struggles for survival were playing out before our eyes. The incredible multitude of crabs in combat with each other for existence is an image I will never forget."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"What intrigues me about it is if you really want to create a dominant urban network that really stresses diversity, you combine a cable station like BET with a network television station focusing on urban markets like UPN, ... It would be a very attractive venture."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"What I'd like to celebrate is the diversity. That's what's special."
Author: Bloom Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"With improved analytical methods, we show that the abundance distribution and total diversity of soil-borne bacteria can be deciphered."
Author: Dunbar Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"We had an important opportunity to participate in this process. We've been working for years to conserve diversity among New York's wildlife species, the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy provides a framework to ensure this legacy will continue."
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"This year's nominations are a true reflection of the diversity that currently exists in Latin music - not only across genres but across generations as well, ... It's inspiring to see so many albums, songs, and music makers getting due recognition from their peers, as well as such a cross section of genres being recognized."
Author: Abaroa Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"It tells you how low diversity is at other institutions."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"They don't have the same cultural diversity at their school. Even though we wish they could have, they don't. We just carry ourselves with respect on the court and show them that they are ignorant to the fact that everyone isn't the way they see them."
Author: Ward Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"The thing I absolutely liked about Jackson-Madison County is the diversity. If you want an opinion here, you can get it."
Author: White Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"It's not that the kids listening don't speak English; it's an expression of the diversity we have in Marshalltown. It's healthy for them to see that model from adults. And kids really get a kick out of language anyway. During the elementary years, that's when they're playing with language and learning the power it has."
"China enjoys 5,000 years of history and cultural diversity that stems from its vast population, ... What we're presenting is a comprehensive sampling of the best that China has to offer, large and small ensembles from many regions of China, as well as artists of Chinese descent from the United States."
Author: Kaiser Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes

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