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"Diversity in education is not a waste of time. It should be a national goal, and it's a goal we're going to keep fighting for."
Author: Daschle Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"The contagious people of Washington have stood firm against diversity during this long period of inclement weather."
Author: Berry Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Both events have the broad appeal for males and females with a wide range of people and ethnic diversity, so they will allow us to have a broader range of creative work over both events."
Author: Ponturo Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Thicket by thicket and wetland by wetland, we were losing the Greater Golden Horseshoe's remaining wilderness and diversity of life. The greenbelt is stopping the loss of natural features and the species they host."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Even in a city like New York, we talk about opening housing and diversity and access to housing, but it is a major problem. It's gonna be one of my priorities as the attorney general."
Author: Cuomo Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"What Makes Racial Diversity Work in Higher Education."
Author: Council Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"This year's nominations are a true reflection of the diversity that currently exists in Latin music -- not only across genres but across generations as well, ... In our sixth year, the spotlight continues to shine not only on established performers but on emerging singers and songwriters and the creative professionals who usually remain behind the scenes. It's inspiring to see so many albums, songs, and music makers getting due recognition from their peers, as well as such a cross section of genres being recognized. There will be much to celebrate on November 3."
Author: Abaroa Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Yes, online music services should develop rapidly, but with a diversity of service providers."
Author: Monti Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Mankind can find happiness only in unity, not in diversity."
Author: Baba Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"I take as my guide the hope of a saint: in crucial things, unity; in important things, diversity; in all things, generosity."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Our strength is the diversity of our membership and our unity of purpose, ... Unity of purpose doesn't mean we are in lock step on every issue. Janet Murguia is a strong leader who reflects deep commitment to our values."
"There is more diversity in this year's promotional schedule than ever before. While there are a ton of new things each night at the park, fans will be happy to see many of traditional entertainers and themes return, too."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"In the wake of the Sixties they began to celebrate diversity and pluralism."
Author: Turow Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Nonetheless, I sense that it will be the task of the future to somehow synthesize the sheer diversity of our present resources into a more organic and well-ordered procedure."
Author: Crumb Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes American Composer Quotes
"The next generation of farmers will have incredible diversity. They are entrepreneurs accustomed to finding a need and filling it. They are very much ready for the challenge of rebuilding rural America."
Author: Mason Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"This order is intended to ensure that this new medium, characterized by openness, diversity and freedom, will not be closed down as a result of this merger."
Author: Pitofsky Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"In spite of this geographical expansion and diversity in the nature of the virus, when it comes to the risk of transmission, we don't have any hard evidence to indicate that the virus has become more infectious."
Author: Omi Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Social values in general are incrementally variable: neither safety, diversity, rational articulation, nor morality is categorically a good thing to have more of, without limits. All are subject to diminishing returns, and ultimately negative returns."
"Valencia has done an excellent job of building and guiding a very thoughtful and effective diversity and inclusion strategy at our company. Her long history of service at BellSouth and in the community combined with her breadth of business knowledge makes her a tremendous asset to this Board."
Author: Ackerman Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"With consolidation you have fewer and fewer voices, ... I always thought that the strength of radio was its diversity. It has always had so many voices. When I was a kid, the maximum amount of radio stations that you were allowed to have in your ownership group was five. Now you have one company that owns 1,250 stations. That's just wrong."
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes

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