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"It is very painful and doctors told me that this injury takes eight days to heal."
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"The Rolls Royce was made for doctors in London. The back opens up to carry a stretcher for a patient."
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"One of the fundamental reasons why so many doctors become cynical and disillusioned is precisely because, when the abstract idealism has worn thin, they are uncertain about the value of the actual lives of the patients they are treating. This is not because they are callous or personally inhuman: it is because they live in and accept a society which is incapable of knowing what a human life is worth."
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"There is something amiss when that many doctors suddenly say, 'We're quitting your panel,'"
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"Some of these fellows are CEOs. They're attorneys. They're doctors. They're big shots in industry. They have big egos. They have one of these contests and lose, you don't see them anymore."
"It got pretty sore. The doctors said it should be fine."
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"His symptoms are getting better, but he still hasn't been cleared. If he does get clearance from the doctors and trainers, we'll have him available for spot duty."
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"His doctors have assured him he'll live a long, healthy and productive life."
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"In all modesty, we must admit that governments are not always the best doctors when it comes to diagnosing economic ailments and prescribing the right treatment."
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"We'll have to wait and see when we get back to Pittsburgh what the team doctors say."
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"I asked (the doctors) how bad it would be if we did nothing. He said you'd last less than three months, and your lungs would probably bleed and that's gonna be the end of you."
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"The trainers and doctors and coaches want to do what's right for that young man, ... Could we use him? Yeah."
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"I'll talk with trainers, doctors, coaches, but I'm looking to play."
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"Florida doctors are still paying the highest insurance rates in the nation, and it's little solace that doctors don't have to pay any more."
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"Some of it is addressed by sheer numbers. If you graduate more doctors, that will up the chances that we will have more here."
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"Illness is the most heeded of doctors: to goodness and wisdom we only make promises; pain we obey"
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"Just talking to the doctors last night, he's just not going to have the fluids in him. No matter how well he feels today we'd be a little concerned about when he'd hit a wall out there."
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"First let me thank all the doctors and staff at Pittsburgh's UPMC- Presbyterian University Hospital. They were outstanding and I don't think I could have received better care anywhere."
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"When doctors say, 'It's going to be very tough for you, maybe not to quit, but to reach that same level again,' that's very frustrating to hear. In a way, you hear it, and it sort of goes in and out because you don't want to keep thinking about the negative thoughts."
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"The prognosis from the doctors early on was she would never walk again, so her mom (Joyce) had concerns there for our program, and for Bryant. I just reassured her from the beginning Pam was always going to have a place at Bryant."
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