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"The technology is not there yet, but within 10 years this test could also be done in doctors' offices for a variety of common illnesses, including some types of cancer."
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"It?s a neurological problem being evaluated as we go along under doctors? care."
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"Over the last few days, his condition has deteriorated. The doctors say it's in his best interest to have the surgery now so he can begin the process of preparing for his return to the court."
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"Actually, he was over the threshold of dying. Doctors told me to make final arrangements."
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"It went really well. The doctors made a point that it was something that they had to do."
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"In talking with the doctors last night, he's not going to have the fluids in him. No matter how well he feels today, we'd be a little concerned about when he hit a wall out there. So, it's not the right thing to do."
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"One of doctors is very conversant in Japanese. He will be working to help them if there are any problems."
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"Oh, yeah. I think he's still with us, as far as I know. I don't know what the doctors are saying. But as far as I know, he'll still be here."
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"It appears that a good portion of doctors are willing to give Guidant a fresh look in their practices, and perhaps faster than most believed."
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"There are doctors and lawyers and professors all over Columbia waiting for opportunities like this — to get a spot of heaven, to get away from the rat race."
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"Every invalid is a physician."
"I was inspired by the brilliant minds of the doctors treating me. I had always considered becoming a doctor. Now I know what specialty I want to go into."
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"Ian is healthy, he has been cleared to play by the doctors and we look forward to having him back on our team."
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"We're taking it month-by-month. He's considerably away from being cleared by doctors. A lot depends on the roster situation and where we are as a team. There are certain scenarios where if our roster dictates it and he's ready to go, it's a possibility."
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"I'm just waiting on the doctors, ... I'll see what they say."
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"I think this it's frustrating for everybody -- him, me, the trainers, the doctors. Everybody. The tests we have done recently here, it's hard to figure exactly where it is. But you have to talk to the player. You have to ask him. I don't think he doesn't want to contribute."
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"Four Doctors, a Patient and an Idol,"
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"[Doctors and the study’s authors suspect that when the Red Sox are in the playoffs, patients who can defer an ER visit will do so.] The heart attacks, the strokes, they will come no matter what’s going on, ... The patient with pneumonia, the patient with an asthma attack will say, ‘ Maybe I can ride this out at home. ’"
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"If you think that you have caught a cold, call in a good doctor. Call in three good doctors and play bridge."
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"I'll be having (doctors) shove a couple of tools up both nostrils and cracking the whole thing back into place. It's a couple of long, metal tools that go up your nostrils quite high and move it back into place. I have no problem. We have great doctors. I have no problem sitting in for a few minutes while they do whatever they need to do. Guys go through it. It's part of the game. I would certainly like a straight nose."
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