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"I think the issue of developers' influence is going to explode in the elections in Montgomery County next year, and our campaign finance laws have clearly failed to restrain their influence."
Author: Browning Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Elections are clearly not the whole solution. But you can't get a legitimate government that can begin to deal with Haiti's problems and build something out of this failed state without them."
"There were numerous, reliable accounts of irregularities in today's voting. The world is watching these elections and the response of the authorities in Belgrade very closely."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"I do not believe these irregularities in any way have affected the overall elections, but some of them have surely affected them locally."
Author: Erben Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"The term 'free and fair elections' is not applicable in these elections."
Author: Schori Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"It is encouraging to note the overwhelming interest by South Africans in voting even after six successive elections."
Author: Bam Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"I have no comment on the German elections outcome, but I would have to say that the way it was conducted was notably unhelpful."
Author: Rumsfeld Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"So far the elections have gone calmly and smoothly, and I hope that they will be completed without incident."
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"All the dates we have set will be maintained. The elections will take place in the northern region on January 14,"
Author: Gbagbo Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"We call on you all to take part in the elections, ... We don't want federalism."
Author: Othman Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"It's more than likely there will be leadership elections in January. We don't want to go into an election year without a permanent majority leader."
Author: Flake Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"We know of course that ... co-operation will have to be renewed with the federal government because of your elections. As soon as a new government is in place, the links will be made and improved, but definitely I think everything is okay."
Author: Rogge Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"With the Venezuelan voter registry just as it is now, the upcoming elections could be held."
"Today we enter the fifth month since the holding of the elections and we still do not have a government. In fact we have not even started the process of forming the government by at least having a prime minister."
Author: Othman Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"The premier didn't mean to say that there would be national elections for senators this fall. He clarified (to me) that there would be discussions this fall on Senate elections."
Author: Etmanski Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Elections will occur in Iraq on time in January,"
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Kenya is an example to the rest of the region of what could be accomplished with elections that allow people to make a choice as to how they will be governed, ... We look forward to the election that will be taking place in 2002 for the people of Kenya to once again come forward and express their desires with respect to how they will be governed."
Author: Powell Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"You may have not taken into consideration the issue of elections, or some of you may have believed that I am going to delay the elections."
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Take other elections throughout the world, ... Take the election in the U.S. itself. The turnout rate is not higher than what we got. ... I was elected democratically in my country, and I believe I have a right to conduct my mandate."
Author: Gbagbo Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Of course, some opposition members who failed in the elections, or some who did not take part in the elections must have something to say. They cannot admit the facts and the realities, but these are the facts and the realities."
Author: Talabani Quotes Category: Elections Quotes

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