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Elections Quotes

366 Elections quotes:

"All the big news is out of the way, the Fed, the elections, all the big companies have reported. So we've got nothing new except this piece of bad news from Cisco."
Author: Heekin Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"An elections official who is directly accountable to the people will make the changes desired by the people and the public."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Elections are only passing events in a far more complex and ongoing process. It is clear from these results that although the ANC will still be the largest party in South Africa, in absolute terms, its supports continues to decline in election after election."
Author: Gibson Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"You certainly can expect the U.S. to continue to ratchet up the pressure for free and fair elections between now and March 9,"
Author: Royce Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"We took a look at the history of unrest coinciding [with elections] and there is definitely a history there."
Author: Wagner Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"The United States will not run for a United Nations human rights council seat in the council's first elections scheduled for May 9, 2006."
"It's March, and there are congressional elections in November, and at some point it's every person for himself."
Author: Rath Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"That's an absolute cheek. You won't win this elections this way."
Author: Stoiber Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"The Fed itself seems content to wait at least until after the elections if the not to the end of the year on raising rates."
Author: Mackay Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"The legislation of Azerbaijan indicates that in the case of serious violations affecting the elections, certain measures must be taken. I think that one of the scenarios can be a recount."
"We will continue this battle here in the United States Senate and in the course of the elections, ... I'm absolutely sure that at the end of the day we will preserve the Medicare system ... and we will get to the day when we have a real prescription drug program."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Iraqis in the street are saying that the Shiite-dominated government planned it that way. The elections gave people hope for an improved life, but immediately after the vote, the quality of life declined."
Author: Carroll Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"There's always some national context to state elections here. It probably all does matter, and up here that's probably not a plus."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"We were going to find that elections were manipulated wildly and regularly. Yet there was never any proof that that happened anywhere in America."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Arizonans should immediately repeal the so-called Clean Elections law, which is bad policy and which entrenches a sitting governor."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"I promised the governor I would get him a radio station before the (Sept. 18) elections,"
Author: Anders Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Young people will typically show up in larger numbers in national elections, when they perceive the stakes to be higher."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"There is typically a lot of turnover in school board elections. But especially when voters are angry and frustrated they'll throw the incumbents out of a school board."
Author: Rebovich Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"I intend to lead the party to victory in the coming elections and form the next government."
"The elections in Iraq are a victory for freedom and the Iraqi people, and a blow to the transnational network of terrorists who have tried to prevent this day from happening."
Author: Talent Quotes Category: Elections Quotes

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