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"If electricity breaks down, you have to repair a power station, you can't just send an e-mail."
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"The administration can no longer hide behind the boogeyman of high electricity prices to justify its do-nothing policy on global warming. With that admission, the administration crossed a line that can't be uncrossed."
"We got to Jackson, Miss. and we went looking for a generator; we knew there wasn't any electricity at home. Lowe's was out but was expecting a shipment within an hour or so and we decided to wait."
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"I remember coming out of that tunnel and just the electricity."
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"We have no electricity, no public water that is safe to drink, and no telephones in most areas."
"Every home game at Nebraska has a great atmosphere, but there is added electricity for a night game at Memorial Stadium. It will also allow us the opportunity to get prospects here from all parts of the country into Lincoln to see the best game-day atmosphere in college football."
"The campaign will remind Houston residents that it's easy to switch and that choosing Pollution Free electricity is the right thing to do as part of a healthy lifestyle."
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"Most of these systems will generate more (electricity) than they use and that's the idea here. Usually after 14 years it's a break even. I think you will see a lot more of it (in Poway Unified) in the future."
"As the state converts to ethanol for gasoline, we want to get the ball rolling for electricity as well."
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"You could feel the electricity in the building."
"Where do you stage? Where do you go? You have to have communications, you have to have electricity, you have to have dry ground. These are all things that have to exist, and these are all things that don't exist in New Orleans."
"There may be other bids on the way. Not only in electricity, but in gas, water and other services as well."
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"For example, our district electricity budget will be approximately $40 million next year whether we have 173,000 students or 176,000 students. However, 3,000 less students could reduce annual operating revenues by $18 million."
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"Shortage of electricity is still a major inconvenience. Electricity is an essential ingredient of economic development. We need to ensure that electricity generation grows rapidly and that power shortages are eliminated."
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"With electricity supply prices at historic levels, Maine consumers cannot stand another federally imposed rate hike. At some point, you have to vote with your feet, and that?s what we did today."
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"A lot of electric motors, which consume huge amounts of electricity in the United States, still are from a generation when people didn't care that much about energy efficiency."
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"There was electricity just going and going like a wave. It just kept on going wave after wave."
Author: Wood Quotes Category: Electricity Quotes
"I expect these bids on long-term energy contracts should stabilize the market and drive the price of electricity down. This is a key step in our efforts to keep the lights on in California at a reasonable price."
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"When you buy electricity from out of state ... you are essentially taking dollars out of your pocket and sending it to another state."
Author: Church Quotes Category: Electricity Quotes
"Think of it like electricity. When you plug in a cord you are making an assumption about infrastructure."

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