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Embrace Change Desktop Print

Price: $24.99   $24.99
SKU: 755195-57-FG

You and your team will love our Embrace Change Desktop Print .

Add art, style and inspiration to any space. 5"x7" prints keep motivation within reach. Each 5"x7" piece comes ready to display on any desk or shelf to motivate and inspire your recipients' spaces. Choose from 3 stunning frames.

Overcoming the Fear of Change

Change is inevitable. It's a part of life. But it can also be scary. Why? Because most people prefer predictable, known results over the unpredictable unknown.

How many times have you ordered the same entree at a particular restaurant? I do it all the time. Why? Because I know I relish that dish, and that I'll feel happy and satisfied every time I eat it.

If I branch out to something else on the menu, I wonder: what if I don't like the food and have a negative experience? Why risk that when I know I can have a guaranteed positive experience?

What I'm conveniently ignoring is the possibility of truly wonderful experience beyond my rather high expectations. If I don't try something else, I'm robbing myself of potential ambrosia.

If we take the stance of embracing change, of welcoming it into our lives - it can become an exciting adventure. If we can look past the fear into a place of heightened expectation, we can ready ourselves for the next bend in the road where a beautiful vista might unfold, or where honey-glazed, pistachio-encrusted plantains might be our next favorite food.

Would you like to remind yourself of change while drinking your daily cup of joe? Our vibrant "Change" ceramic mug displays a lush waterfall and the inspirational quote: Change is life giving. It helps us grow into someone greater than we already are.

Quote: Temperatures will rise and fall. Winds will shift. Leaves will drop and buds will form. And with every transition new beginnings will be revealed.

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Price: $24.99   $24.99

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