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PPE & Workplace Safety Gift Ideas for Employees

FREE SHIPPING* on all orders for the below items. Prevent the spread of germs by keeping your hands clean and practicing good hygiene. Promote the use of these safety and hygiene products in and around your team and work environment.

PPE & Workplace Safety Gift Ideas for Employees

As world commerce becomes more globalized, it is essential now more than ever to start planning for pandemics. As Covid-19 and other health crises have shown us, awareness is a key priority to sickness prevention.

Our huge selection of safety messages and promotional products assist organizations in bringing awareness to their workspaces. Customize PPE and workplace safety gear with your company logo personalization.

These safety gifts are shipping straight from our manufacturing facilities to you in bulk as quick as we can. We are all in this together. We are making sure that N95 safety masks and other supplies are going to first responders while making other consumer safety supplies available to protect you and your team.

Workplace Safety is a Core Value at Every Thriving Company

Investing in workplace safety is key to building a thriving and resilient workforce. According to a workplace safety report in 2022, 97% of all U.S. employees place their safety is a deciding factor in determining where they work. However, the same study found that only 54% of all U.S. workers believe that their employers value their safety.

Simply put, workplace safety impacts your organization's overall resiliency. If your employees are constantly calling in sick, or working when feeling ill, your company's productivity metrics will surely suffer, but more importantly, you welcome more workplace health incidents by note having a functional workplace safety program in place.

Cultivate a Positive Workplace Safety Protocol

If your organization hasn't yet developed a workplace safety program or it needs to be revamped to keep up with the global health environment or your sector's safety regulations, consider assessing your existing safety culture and determine where your business can improve. Consider implementing:

  • Safety Reporting (Periodically)
  • Anonymous Employee Safety Surveys
  • Safety Leadership Training
  • Incentives for Active Employee Participation
  • Clearly Defined Safety Procedures

Consider adding workplace safety promotional items and offer safety awards to employees who encourage and actively promote your safe work environment.

June is National Safety Month for Workplaces

Your office should feel like a safe place to work, and June is a great time to ensure your workplace safety program is up to par. We are talking a bit more than first aid kits. Promote and reward safe work habits with our unique collection of workplace safety items, customized with your branding. The National Safety Council recognizes June as National Safety Month, but the most resilient companies create a workplace that takes safety seriously every day.

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