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Personalized Glass Plaques: The Best Options & Why Employees Love Them

Whether you are recognizing a long-time employee's anniversary with the company or awarding an individual's outstanding achievements, personalized glass plaques are a wonderful way to make your team members feel seen and appreciated.

Still on the fence about whether to choose an etched glass plaque or something different? In this article, we'll break down everything you need to know about this style of award, as well as suggest a few of the best custom glass plaques.

Why Personalization Matters

Everyone knows that employees who feel appreciated and valued by their employers tend to stick around longer and work harder. While there are many factors that play a role in employee satisfaction and retention, businesses would be remiss to discount the impact a good employee recognition program can have.

So, what makes a "good" employee recognition program? For one thing, opting for personalized awards rather than generic awards.

Personalizing your glass plaques and other awards shows the recipient that the award was made specifically for them. Whether the occasion is a birthday, work anniversary, or successful year with the company, simply adding their name separates that award from a generic trophy that could have been purchased for anyone.

Better yet, include a short message highlighting the employee's specific accomplishments or the details of their special occasion. Everytime they see that glass plaque sparkling on their desk, they will be reminded that their actions matter and that their efforts are being noticed.

Ultimately, having your glass plaques personalized lets your employees know that you really see them — not just as one employee among many, but as a unique individual who brings real value to the team.

That recognition can serve as a powerful morale booster, and can have ongoing positive effects on your company's employee relationships.

Benefits of Glass Awards

Do a search for employee awards and gifts online, and you will quite literally find thousands of options in a huge range of styles, sizes, and materials.

The possibilities can be dizzying!

So, when should you choose a glass plaque versus another type of award? Truthfully, there is never a bad time to opt for a glass award. Glass is a stunning material that is appropriate for nearly every type of occasion, from lighthearted office superlatives to major milestones.

An engraved glass plaque is always timeless and elegant, whether you stick with something simple and understated or go bold with a dramatic shape and vivid accent colors.

And yes, custom engraved glass plaques can be as daring and vivid as you'd like them to be. People often imagine basic clear, rectangular slabs of glass when thinking about glass plaque awards — but not so fast!

Take the Peak Torch Crystal Award, for instance, with its brilliant blue detailing and eye-catching modern shape. Or how about the Frosted Peak Crystal Award, designed to spark inspiration in corporate climbers? These are stunning options that are sure to surprise and delight.

Of course, we do also offer simple clear glass plaques like the versatile Emperor Award.

That's the beauty of a personalized glass plaque — between the wide assortment of styles and the endless messages and other customization options, you can create a unique award that suits the personality of every individual.

Best Personalized Glass Plaques

We've talked about why personalized awards matter, as well as the benefits of opting for a custom glass plaque. Now, let's get down to business — what are the best personalized glass plaques for employees?

Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Leadership Curved Glass Award — This curved glass plaque offers a unique twist on the traditional style. The large engraving area offers a great blank canvas for writing inspirational messages.
  2. Leadership Wedge Glass Award — A beautiful wedge-shaped glass plaque that can be oriented vertically or horizontally.
  3. Crystal Tablet Medallion Award — A truly timeless and versatile glass plaque. Choose the best brass medallion for the occasion, then customize the message. Classic and beautiful.
  4. Victor Tower Glass Award — A brilliant blue crystal accent compliments the flawless optic crystal in this glass plaque. Option to add a clear base or keep it sleek without.
  5. Empire Crystal Award — Simple and sturdy is the name of the game for this etched glass plaque. Though its design is minimalist, its superior quality is readily apparent.
  6. Torch Crystal Award — We love the sleek and modern shape of this customizable glass plaque. A dazzling accessory for any employee's desk.
  7. Rising Achiever Jade Glass Medallion Award — This gorgeous glass plaque with a brass medallion comes in a soft and subtle shade of jade green.
  8. Soar Crystal Award — Choose between blue or black accent detailing to finish off this elegant glass plaque, suitable for every kind of occasion or achievement.
  9. Super Star Tower Crystal Award — Celebrate your company's stars with this stunning glass wedge award. Part of our best selling Star Awards, the metal star sits at the top of your engraved message for all who see it.

Don't see the specific style of engraved glass plaques you're looking for? Not to worry — we have hundreds of additional custom glass plaques to choose from. Select the shape and style you like best, and our design team can fully personalize your selection to display your business logo, employee name, a unique message, and other details.

Recognize your employees' contributions and inspire them to bring their best selves into the office each day with our full collection of personalized glass plaques.

Customer Favorite Recognition Awards

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Aristotle Acrylic Award
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Aristotle Acrylic Award

Wonderful Award
The award is just as shown, very nice. We have purchased many similar from Successories and they have all looked great!

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Rodin Acrylic Award

I will be buying from this company again. Product is PERFECT
I bought this for my employer, and it really as beautiful as I hoped it would be!

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Plato Acrylic Award

Nice product, timely shipping. Thank you for the good customer service!

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