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How effective is office swag and logo-ed products?

Office swag, also known as that fancy lingo that young bosses and executives are using these days, is nothing to be afraid of. It's actually been around for decades but has shown recent innovation. Anyone who has ever gone into a bank and held a pen specially labeled with the bank's name has encountered office swag.

Not to say that executives should be quick to order custom writing utensils and be done with it. Far from it. Office swag can have many powerful uses, and the right products can promote employee pride and happiness. Office swag can also serve as a powerful marketing tool.

An affordable way to show appreciation

Employees are always looking to be appreciated and employers have reason to seek constant motivation. Recent Warwick research for IZA World of Labor demonstrated that happier employees were likely to be 12 percent more productive in their work. This is a massive bonus that can drastically improve quarterly and annual performance.

However, the question then becomes: how to make employees happy? While certain initiatives like raises have shown promising results, not every company is in a position to increase its payroll. Employee office swag can also promote feelings of appreciation and happiness, especially if it is something the worker can actually use.

Grasshopper listed cool swag as a leading option for increasing overall happiness and productivity, and we have also discussed its promise in several earlier white papers. In choosing the best employee swag for workers, employers can put thought, research and effort into selecting products that will deliver the maximum uptick in employee happiness.

Tailored vs. General Gifts

Relevancy, usability and affordability - these are the qualities that employers should measure when choosing office swag. The ideal piece should embody at least two of these. For example, every employee has a mobile phone - this goes without saying. Instead of gambling on phone case taste, why not go for a branded charger?

Certain brands like to occasionally redesign their plugs, meaning that not all chargers work with all brands or current models. A remote charger offers a way around this. These new devices look like high-tech ashtrays, but don't be fooled. Users only need to place their phones on top of remote chargers and the devices will replenish their batteries. When not in use, they offer a great opportunity to display the employer's brand.

Another effective option is a custom logo power bank. These contain limited phone charges and work with most USB connectors, making them a widely universal product. This allows flexibility as they work with both iOS and Android-based products.

Not every piece of effective office swag requires spending a lot of money. While a display the employer's brand.

Another effective option is a custom stress ball doesn't cost very much, it is still effective. Work can be stressful, but giving employees a tool to help manage that hardship is reflective of a caring company.

When seeking to choose the best employee swag, consider two elements. First, what items will workers actually like and respond to and second, which products best capture the overall corporate brand. An automobile insurance company, for instance, may choose to create little toy cars with its logo on the side.

More playful employees may appreciate swag like this and those that don't inevitably know at least one child to hand it off to. The company can also provide branded car chargers and mobile holders. These gifts are a top match as they are industry appropriate and useful.

Product universality is important

Not every piece of office swag needs to be tailored, however. Both executives and employees have common and persistent needs. Hence why certain items like reusable water bottles have become popular. Everyone needs to drink water, and the object itself helps promote employee wellness by encouraging users to stay hydrated. Custom t-shirts and logo umbrellas also enjoy consistent favorability, although clothing selection should be chosen carefully.

No one is quite the same size and there are various body types within the office. This can make selecting clothes like t-shirts challenging. The best bet is to order a wide array of sizes, that way employees can select the choice that best fits. If one size runs out, more can always be ordered. A fleece jacket is also an excellent gift in this case as going a size too big isn't a deal-breaker.

Bags and totes are also excellent examples of effective universal gifts. Every employee needs to shop from time to time, giving ample opportunity to use this swag to its full effectiveness. In addition, these reusable bags are often seen as environmentally conscious, promoting the image of a company that cares about sustainability and its surroundings.

Open it up to employee suggestions

While the prospect of choosing the appropriate office swag may sound daunting, employers should remember that they are not the only decision makers in the office. In fact, encouraging employees to become a part of the decision-making will make them feel valued.

Hold a brainstorm session. Take emails and idea submissions from within the company. Perhaps a questionnaire asking workers what items they typically have at their desks and why. While this process may seem laborious, it will help identify office swag that the employees actually want.

To really turn up the fun, creating a contest is an option. This will encourage friendly competition between coworkers to come up with the best example of office swag they can think of. The winner will get to see tangible results and several of the runner ups may be good ideas as well. As contest prizes - that part is easy. Simply give the winner the office swag that he or she designed.

Finding the best time to give it out

Most people are always happy to receive free stuff. However, office swag giveaways can be timed to other corporate events. For instance, holiday parties are always a good opportunity, especially if the swag is seasonal and fits the theme.

Company anniversary parties are also an excellent time to debut new swag, particularly if it is a significant birthday like a 5th or a 10th. While there is no collector's market on office swag, giving the employees something special to that year will help cement the idea that it was worth celebrating. Workers are more likely to keep a "10 years of leading market intelligence" mug than a cup with a simple logo.

Where to buy office swag?

Regardless, the two priorities of office swag always apply: It should be something the employee wants and it should reinforce the organization's brand. When these two goals align, that is when a catchy piece of office swag is created. If an employer is really stumped and the employees do not have good suggestions then an employee satisfaction retailer can help.

What sets Successories apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction. All purchases are guaranteed by a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. This is to ensure that the right products go to the appropriate companies. Since Successories specializes in creating employee swag, it understands the value of a good fit.

Engraving, imprinting and other methods of customization add inherent value. Every good employee-focused office supplies vendor understands this. Companies should only choose providers who offer this service as these products exemplify extra thought and attention.

Employee swag serves many useful purposes from promoting the corporate brand to increasing worker happiness and satisfaction. Like all aspects of a job, putting in the extra effort ensures the best results. When an employee is seen using the swag outside of the office, that is the best sign that the right choice was made.