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Smile & Move to Inspire Customer Service Smile & Move the book Smile & Move Meeting Materials, Video, and Presentation

Smile & Move

An Inspiring Message to Serve

It’s called Smile & Move.

9 simple points to help you encourage positive attitudes and more personal responsibility for the work and results.

Quick to share. Motivating. Used by thousands of leaders in every industry... profit, non-profit, K-12 schools, healthcare, and government.

It can be shared by giving out the bestselling book (short, 20 minutes to read) or by showing the inspiring 3-minute video. It's the perfect message for any meeting or team.


It’s an inspiring 3-minute video to help you share the message.


There are 5 ways to Smile:

1. Be awake
2. Be thankful
3. Be approachable
4. Complain less
5. Smile, really

And 4 ways to Move:

Start early & go long. Go beyond expectations.
Have a sense of urgency. Be resourceful & resilient

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Updated Monday 06-24-2024
Smile & Move Book Discussion Package

Smile & Move Book Discussion Package

Exceptional Service!
The order was back ordered. I called to inquire about the order as early as 9 am, and received the best customer service representative ever, named Lauren H. She was supportive and not cranky as I had called another company prior to calling Successories, and the reception was like night and day. Laura H. was a beaming ray of sunshine through the phone. I could "feel" by hearing her smile and passion. As a customer, I will be back and applaud your company for your customer-friendly company. My order arrived Monday and I am VERY pleased. SMOVE is my new attitude's love language. Natatia V. Happy Customer

Smile & Move Book
from Kris Pruismann of Ames, IA

Smile & Move Book

Great product and great service
I ordered the book Smile & Move for our new employee welcome boxes. I love them. Great content and just the right size and easy read for new employees.

Service by Being Approachable

(sample from the book Smile & Move, pages 20 - 23)

We all have our ‘customers.’ And most of us have more than one type of customer.

• A teacher serves his students as well as his school administrators (and maybe even parents).
• An administrator serves her teachers in addition to a group of county administrators.
• A doctor serves his patients as well as his practice partners and perhaps a hospital staff.
• A CEO serves her stockholders as well as her management team and outside clients.

It’s an interdependent world.

We depend on each other and as a result, we need to make ourselves accessible and approachable to our people: customers, constituents, family, friends, colleagues, patients, leaders. We’re not islands. To make good things happen, we need to connect with people.

Being approachable is being receptive to occasional interruptions, making ourselves regularly accessible to others and doing it with a smile … a smile not only with our mouths and eyes, but an internal and authentic smile that can be felt by those we interact with.

If we create a situation where people feel the need to walk on eggshells when they come to us (asking for help, guidance, or a solution), eventually they’ll stop walking on the eggshells and go to someone else. If that happens, whether we’re a leader or not, our value to others is gone. And when we’re shopping for something and the store no longer delivers the value we’re looking for, what happens? We go somewhere else.

Be approachable. It invites opportunity.

smile & move thought…

When you’re asked to do something for someone else and you say, “Yes,” does your YES say “Yes, it would be my pleasure” or “Yes, if I have to”? How patient are you with the latter from someone else?

Service by Being Resourceful & Resilient

(sample from the book Smile & Move, pages 57 - 61)

We want some thing or some result.

That’s it.
When we visit a store, we want the thing.
When we call for help, we want the result.

If we’re lucky enough to be in the path of the want, we need to be resourceful in our attempts to make it happen (whatever it is). When we fall short or fail (which we can’t always prevent), we need to be resilient.

smile & move thought…

How many excuses do you allow yourself to give others when you don’t deliver? How many do you enjoy hearing from them?

Our lack of this resource, the timing of that delivery, the weather (please, never the weather), our lack of sleep, tough day, week, month, or year doesn’t excuse us from delivering. It just makes it more challenging.

Moving (in the Smovish sense) is to move forward … refusing to complain or make excuses. It’s remembering that service is about results

Be happy. Do something.

smile & move thought…

How can we help each other create and contribute more value each day?

What if we started by eliminating the TGIF sentiment from our workplaces and schools? What if Friday became another full day of opportunity for service and contribution? What if we pushed it further and stopped perpetuating the idea that Monday is the first step into a week of drudgery?

Together, Monday and Friday are 40% of a workweek. Imagine the impact if we could get more of these days back for all those who tend to lose them.

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Smile & Move Call to Action

(sample from the book Smile & Move, pages 67 - 71)

I want to give you a message.

It’s a message I’m sure I was told many times in many ways, and I wish I’d embraced it much earlier in my life. If I had, I’m confident I could have contributed in a much bigger way and enjoyed much more as a result.

I wish I’d Smoved (Smiled & Moved).

We go to our go-to people because they get the job done. They serve us in a way we can count on more often than the next person (group, institution, or store).

I wish I were that person more often. I wish I were the go-to person for my particular verse in the world.

It’s one of our deepest, most human desires. I want to be needed. You want to be needed. We all want to matter to the world and the people in it.

Smile & Move is a call to go deep within your verse (your work … the way you contribute) and practice it as Martin Luther King Jr. suggests...

"After one has discovered what he is called for, he should set out to do it with all of the power that he has in his system. Do it as if God almighty ordained you at this particular moment in history to do it."

Martin Luther King Jr. | 1929 - 1968 | civil rights leader, Nobel Prize winner

Anything less and we all miss out.

It’s about attitude and action … being positive and having a sense of urgency. Being pleased to serve. Having effect.

Mattering to the world, all with a smile.

Not a smile with unchanged eyes … a forced smile. But a smile born of a dramatic, heartfelt understanding that the opportunity to move, to act, to help someone else in some way is the most wonderful giving-life-meaning opportunity all of us have (although not all of us use). You’re at my service and I’m at yours.

Given a few moments to really consider our personal value proposition in life, how can we come up with it being anything other than helping others?

(Invest those few moments … really consider it.)

We want to matter. We want to be relevant. And, we want to be happy.

But sometimes we forget where this happiness comes from. And when that happens, we start thinking and acting in ways that are all about what we get rather than what we give. And that attitude keeps us from enjoying so much more.

Big responsibility, big trust, big opportunity, and big money (more choices) are all earned by creating big value for others. (There are exceptions, of course. But, they’re exceptions because they’re not the rule.)

If we want to matter and be happy, if we want more freedom, more flexibility, more responsibility, or more money, we need to give more to those we serve.

We need to get over ourselves.

We need to Smile & Move.