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Logo Drinkware

Huge selection of custom imprinted drinkware: from Logo Tumblers to Custom Water Bottles and more!

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Logo Mugs

Custom Ceramic Mugs are a must have branded giveaway. A logo mug perks up any business.

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Custom Bags

Outfit your team and adorn your clients with custom logo apparel!

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Custom Office Supplies

Create custom notebooks, journals, pens, sticky notes keep your office and clients on brand.

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Logo Apparel

Outfit your team and adorn your clients with custom apparel!

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Logo hats and custom baseball caps make any outting a company success.

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Custom Stress Relievers

Add your logo to fun sqeeze toys and stress relievers.

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Custom Power Banks

Logo tech accessories like power banks, give you bang for you buck!

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About Promotional & Logo Products

The following article will help you appreciate the powerful impact promotional products can have on your bottom line as they cost-effectively promote your brand while facilitating end-user lifestyle enhancement.

What Exactly is a Promotional Product?

You see them everywhere: T-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, reusable tote bags, pens, water bottles. You may even be wearing one or drinking from one as you read this. And, chances are it carries the brand of a company other than the one you work at. Regardless, promotional products all have one thing in common: a company name or logo, and/or a tagline. So what is the actual definition of a promotional product? "An item of value on which an organization or company can place a branding element, and then give away as a promotion."

An Important Part of Your Overall Marketing Program

Each year, organizations spend millions of dollars establishing and reinforcing their brands as they seek to achieve top-of-mind awareness in the marketplace. While branding strategies can be incredibly comprehensive and broad, promotional products imprinted with your logo and tagline give you the ability to connect directly with those people and organizations most likely to have a need for your products and services. Whether you're handing them out at a special event, like a trade show or charity run, or mailing them to a pre-qualified list of potential customers, promotional products provide highly-targeted brand exposure.

The Most Cost-Effective Part of Your Advertising Budget

Almost all items are available at affordable price points, and can actually end up being one of your least expensive marketing tools. Because, while most promotional product orders do have minimum quantity order requirements, per item pricing can begin at well under $1. And, as you increase your order amount, your price per item can drop significantly. In fact, a promotional product clearly-branded with your company logo can produce thousands of impressions over its lifetime for just pennies. Which means -- when a customer takes five pens instead of one from your display, you can smile and offer him or her a sixth, knowing it's a smart marketing move that will never break the bank.

What Promotional Items Are Available For My Company's Brand?

Our most requested promotional products are Javelin Ball Point Pens, Water Bottles, USB Thumb Drives, Mugs, T-Shirts, Hats and Reusable Tote Bags. But, there are many categories to choose from, with thousands of items available. Here's what a comprehensive list looks like:

  • Apparel
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Bags & Totes
  • Personal Care & Beauty
  • Books
  • Candy, Food & Gifts
  • Clocks & Calendars
  • Drinkware
  • Eco Friendly Products
  • Games, Toys, & Stress
  • Balls
  • Health & Safety Home & Family
  • Office Supplies
  • Pens, Pencils & Markers
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Tech & Electronics
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Tradeshow Supplies

  • Don't see your item category here? Custom or specialty items are usually available upon request. As long as it can have a brand element emblazoned or printed on it, it can function as a promotional product.

    Promotional Products Make Ideal Appreciation Gifts

    Instead of giving a gift from another company, give one from yours. Gift items imprinted with your brand do double duty as customer or employee appreciation and end-of-the-year presents. Embossed leather items or unique desktop accessories to mark special occasions are always appreciated. Or, make a more modest statement with an attractive, but affordable, pen or other promotional item at the end of a standard sales call. Either way, promotional gifts are a great way to thank a customer for his or her business, and keep your brand front and center.

    What Production Issues Should I Be Concerned About?

    The most important consideration when working with any promotional products partner is to verify that they provide soup-to-nuts service. Make sure they are experts in every stage of the production process, and can help you with art requirements and color selection, as well as advise you about set-up costs, file sizes, uploads, and preferred shipping. For instance, determining the right imprint area, size and location on a given item is critical and requires skill and experience. By selecting the correct partner, you can be sure that the promotional items you order will be exactly the right ones for your customers, events and branding programs.

    Put Your Brand's Ambassadors to Work Today

    Everyone you meet, do business with, or want as a customer or client is both a potential promotional product recipient and a willing brand ambassador for your company. A simple logo-ed ballpoint pen is just one example of how the cost-effective power of promotional products can boost your brand's presence in the marketplace, and beyond. Because when you give people affordable, quality branded items they can use; your company becomes an integral and positive part of their lives, and touches the lives of those around them. And, that's a marketing win-win for you.

    Call us at 1-800-535-2773 to make affordable custom products that promote your business, organization, or brand! Whether it's t-shirts, hats, golfballs or anything else, we can find you the perfect products for any budget!