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Corporate Gifts

Personalized Employee Gifts & Awards

You should consider corporate gift ideas for your business because they're a cost-effective way to strengthen relationships with your employees and your clients. Giving personalized corporate gifts is a great opportunity to show your employees, the executives at your company, and your clients that you appreciate them. Unique business gifts from Successories are great for any time of year, including for holidays, awards ceremonies, retirement recognition, employee anniversaries and more.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, you can deduct $25 for business gifts you give per person. Because the impact of giving a gift may result in increased loyalty or sales for your business, custom corporate gifts are a valuable investment for any business. Here are some tips for creating a corporate gift-giving strategy.

10 Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients

Make your team and clients feel special with these ideas to show your gratitude. Here is a list of the top 10 gift ideas, so you can find the right gifts for your organization, recipients, and budgets.

1. Bags & Totes

Great for work, home, and on the go, these bags and totes are stylish and functional.

Value 4 Gift Set - Thanks for Being Awesome Making A Difference Heathered Messenger Bag Thanks for Being Awesome Blossom Value Set Thanks For All You Do Value Lunch Set Thanks for Being Awesome Blossom Tote Value 4 Gift Set - Making a Difference Thanks for All You Do Perfect 5 Gift Set Making a Difference Blossom Value Set

2. Drinkware Gifts

Water, coffee, cocktails, and other beverages can be enjoyed in these high-quality containers.

Making a Difference Holiday Camp Mug Thanks for All You Do Matte Mug Thanks for All You Do 15oz Camp Mug & S'Mores Gift Set Thanks for Being Awesome Soup Mug & Spoon Thanks for All You Do 15oz Camp Mug Thanks for All You Do Leatherette Tumbler Thanks for All You Do Holiday Camp Mug Thanks for All You Do Flip-Top 16oz Water Bottle

3. Gift Sets

Give a group of gifts that perfectly fits the recipient's needs or style with these gift sets.

Value 4 Gift Set - Thanks for Being Awesome Thanks for All You Do 15oz Camp Mug & S'Mores Gift Set Making a Difference Blossom Value Set Thanks for Being Awesome Blossom Value Set Thanks for Being Awesome Ceramic Gift Box Thanks for Being Awesome Sweet Supplies Gift Box Thanks for Being Awesome Perfect 5 Gift Set Leadership Gift Box

4. Pens Gifts

These beautiful pens and pen holders display motivation messages and help recipients stay organized.

Custom Logo Executive Rose Gold Pen Set & Case Change Butterfly Soft Touch Pen & Case Excellence Chrome Pen Gift Set Attitude Drop Executive Rose Gold Pen Set & Case Gratitude Cherry Blossoms Executive Rose Gold Pen Set & Case Teamwork Rowers Executive Rose Gold Pen Set & Case Essence of Leadership Chrome Pen Gift Set Be the Bridge Executive Rose Gold Pen Set & Case

5. Personalized Gifts

Gift something that's remarkably one-of-a-kind with a wide variety of affordable personalized gifts.

Making a Difference Tin Candle Leadership Definition - Personalized Metal Paperweight Years of Service Personalized Leather Clock Leadership Compass - Personalized Metal Paperweight Personalized Puzzle Piece Thanks for All You Do Tin Candle Celebration Vase Personalized Mini Stone Succulent

6. Desk Accessories

Brighten up someone's office with decorative desk accessories that motivate or are stunning to behold.

Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock Growing Succeeding Plant Cube Epic Team Moderno Cable Set Teamwork Dream Work Moderno Cable Set Leadership Definition - Personalized Metal Paperweight Personalized Mini Stone Succulent Personalized Gear Clock Award Personalized Puzzle Piece

7. Office Supplies

Office supplies get an upgrade when they're turned into fun and eye-catching gifts.

Thanks For Being Awesome Handy Highlighter Set Fruits of Labor Praise Pun Sticky Notes Thanks for All You Do Notebook It Takes Teamwork Magnetic Clip Holder Bendy Pen Collaboration Set High Five  Praise Pad Thanks for Being Awesome Self-Stick Note Cube Thanks for Being Awesome Spiral Notebook

8. Stress Relievers

Relax, stress relievers make great corporate gifts because they can squeeze into any budget.

Stress Reliever, Talking - Laugh Stress Reliever, Talking - Stress Success You Rock Squeezable Stress Reliever Thanks for All You Do! Mood Dude It Takes Teamwork Magnetic Clip Holder Thanks for Being Awesome Talking Stress Reliever Thanks for Being Awesome Stress Reliever Shark Jelly Belly Stress Reliever

9. Tech Accessories

Recharge your brand with tech accessories that are sure to get them to plug-in.

Thanks for Being Awesome White Wireless Charging Pad Thanks For Being Awesome Mouse Pad Excellence Mountain Mousepad Thanks for All You Do Screen Cleaning Dude Teamwork Dream Work Moderno Cable Set Teamwork Makes the Dream Work USB Cable Set Make It Happen Mousepad Personalized iPhone Stand

10. Books

Inspriational Business Books can spot light your message and be customized with your logo and dedication page.

Smile & Move Book Great Quotes from Great Leaders Gift Book The Dash Revised Edition Gift Book Thank You Book 212 Degrees Leadership Gift Book The Heart of a Leader Gift Book Love Your People Booklet 212 Degrees The Extra Degree Book

How to Create a Gifts Strategy That Works

Start With Your Calendar

Take a look at your upcoming work schedule calendar to identify opportunities that are appropriate for gift-giving. Major holidays are an obvious choice to identify first. Then, you might look at company-wide events you have scheduled, such as state-of-the-business review meetings or annual parties, and consider incorporating a gifts element for employee recognition.

Get Input From Managers

Beyond the scope of the entire company, you should ask managers about their ideas for using gifts to encourage employee motivation and productivity and increase retention. If certain departments hold weekly meetings, they might want to include an employee recognition portion. Or, if there's a team-building event coming up for a department, gifts for participants might be appropriate.

Examine Your Client Relationships

Reinforcing your relationships with your clients is vital for your bottom line. Giving corporate gifts to those you do business with keeps you at the forefront of their business decisions and helps to improve sentiment for your company. Determine how frequently you want to give gifts to clients, and how much you'd like to invest each time.

Pinpoint Milestones

Employee anniversaries and retirements are major events in your business that deserve to be recognized. Giving unique gifts to commemorate these milestones makes the employees feel valued, shows your commitment to your team to other employees, and is a way to convey your appreciation for all your employees have done. Corporate gifts for major work events can increase retention at your business and lead to future referrals when employees leave.

Encourage Friendly Competition

If you want to encourage creativity and diligent work at your business, some healthy competition among or within departments can increase your business revenue. Competition can be fun for employees, and rewards don't have to be expensive to create meaningful results. Think about ways you can motivate your team by using contests and prizes to achieve more in your business.

Have Gifts Available for Unexpected Needs

Not all corporate gift-giving has to be planned out. Ordering a wide variety of gifts to have available allows executives and managers to give immediate rewards for outstanding performance. Instead of having to order them and wait for delivery, keeping a steady supply around encourages your management team to be on the lookout for behavior that deserve reward, which can inspire everyone at your company to perform at a high level.

Create a Sensible Budget

When you calculate the costs involved in recruitment, on-boarding, and on-the-job training, you can see how valuable it is to retain a single employee versus having to fill a new position. Use these types of guidelines to create a sensible gift budget that works for your business, with the goal of achieving a return on investment through loyal employees who appreciate the gifts you give.

You can divide this budget among calendar dates, what you want to have available at all times for immediate recognition, how much you want to dedicate to reinforcing client relationships, and when you plan on recognizing employee milestones so that you stay on track.

Measure Your Results

When you introduce a gifts strategy into your business, create goals you want to achieve with the help of giving gifts. Whether it's a number of new referrals, a percentage you want to decrease employee turnover by, or an amount of new business from clients, match your corporate gift-giving efforts with your goals. You may be able to identify trends that help you realize the return on investment that a fun activity like gift-giving provides for your business.

Ready to boost your business's bottom line with unique gifts? Browse our corporate gifts here.

Customer Favorite Employee Gifts

Updated Sunday 12-04-2022
Eco-Friendly 2-ply Face Mask Full Color Custom
from Patricia Grigsby of Sterling, VA

Eco-Friendly 2-ply Face Mask Full Color Custom

Good color rendition from logo file
These masks are comfortable and attractive. It would be neat to add a flex strip at the top to conform better to the nose. The turnaround and service on our order changes was excellent.

Teamwork Rowers Chrome Pen
from Sandy of Tampa, FL

Teamwork Rowers Chrome Pen

My team LOVED this pen!!
This was a perfect gift for my team. Looks good, nice team message and writes well!!

Eco-Friendly 2-ply Face Mask Full Color Custom
from Ryan Smith of Millersville, MD

Eco-Friendly 2-ply Face Mask Full Color Custom

Most comfortable face masks I've found
Purchased branded face masks for our employees and received many requests for additional masks for family members because they were so much more comfortable than their other masks.

Thanks for All You Do Chocolate Candy Tube
from Phyllis Joyner Riley of Martinsville, IN

Thanks for All You Do Chocolate Candy Tube

Great for on the spot recognition!
I use these for quality and incentive rewards. Usually on the spot appreciation for a great call or for making suggestions that help with effective interactions with customers or tam members.

Thanks for All You Do Chocolate Candy Tube
from Max Heinrichs of Hillsboro, KS

Thanks for All You Do Chocolate Candy Tube

Bus Driver Appreciation Day
Our bus divers loved them. Simple to order and quick to be delivered.