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Inspirational books under $25, like our 212 Service by Mac Anderson, Founder of Successories, are often written about service. Along with our quote books, the 212 Degree Service books make inspirational gifts that are a must read for everyone! Check out our leadership books, including Seven Choices for Success and Significance By Nido R. Qubein, a new release that will make helpful employees gifts for your employees. Choose our gift books and give you the tools your employees need to choose success and significance in life.

Our inspirational books can serve as great motivational gifts, like our Attitude is Everything By Vicki Hitzges. Like our quote books, these books make beautiful inspirational gifts for the compassionate and beautiful work your employees do.

Look for our inspirational books under $25 geared towards salesmen, like our Sales Motivation by Todd Duncan, as these motivational gifts will inspire, encourage and motivate when you need it most.

Check out inspirational books under $25 that make wonderful motivational gifts, like our 212 Leadership by Mac Anderson, Founder of Successories. Like powerful quote books, this brand new 212 Degree book is written for leaders to show you how that one extra degree of leadership can make a difference. These leadership books are helpful employee gifts that show you how to create an environment where quality and innovation are the norm. We also have gifts books that are inspirational gifts for special people, like our Heart of a Mother By Paula J. Fox, that remind us of the beauty of a mother's love and strength.

You can find inspirational books of all sorts under $25 at our store - from leadership and motivation to teaching and caregiving. Look for quote books, including our Inspirational Quotes for Teachers Compiled by John and Linda Podojil. We have leadership books - like our Leading with Passion By John J. Murphy - which make inspirational gifts for every manager, CEO, school administrator and principal. These gift books given as motivational gifts serve as reminders that effective, passionate leadership requires many things.
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