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Employee Engagement Infographic

Employee Engagement Infographic

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged is crucial to modern business, which demands accuracy and efficiency in all departments and at all levels. Managers and human resources are responsible for increasing motivation levels, which benefits the company and its workers.

Happy vs. Engaged

Though related, happy employees are not necessarily engaged. Engaged workers… feel that their work is valuable to the company, have a sense of connection with their coworkers, want to be part of the company's operations.

Know the Rewards

Staff members who are engaged perform 20% better than their disengaged counterparts. Employees who are engaged are 87% less likely to leave their companies as opposed to disengaged staff members. Companies with high employee engagement boasted twice as much customer loyalty as those with average employee engagement.

Engaged employees who take less vacation time have a 25% higher overall well-being than disengaged workers who took more time off. High engagement also leads to fewer safety incidents (48%) and fewer quality incidents (41%).

Increase Engagement

Only 36% of employees report that they are frequently recognized for their work. Strong managers who recognize employees' work can increase their engagement levels by almost 60%.

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