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Employee Awards & Recognition

Personalized Employee Gifts & Awards

Awards & Trophies

Employee awards and recognition are crucial for businesses that want to keep staff happy and motivated. From big annual awards ceremonies to monthly or weekly employee recognition meetings, acknowledging the effort your employees put into their work helps to:

  1. Strengthen teams, who are able to see the contributions their co-workers are making
  2. Inspire other employees to perform better
  3. Maintain high-performance momentum corporate recognition and award recipients
  4. Foster company trust and loyalty
  5. Decrease absenteeism, turnover, and stress with increased employee engagement
  6. Enhance corporate culture by celebrating achievements, promoting a sense of belonging and unity among employees.

The best part about implementing an employee award program is that it yields a positive return on investment and fits all budgets and needs.

Employee Recognition Award Ideas

Investing in your team with employee recognition awards will be one of the most valuable investments you make this year. Let's not forget the reason you need a recognition program of some kind at your company. Implementing recognition awards for employees not only highlights individual achievements but also solidifies the value of each team member. Study after study confirms that the workforce is changing. As the workforce changes, the needs that drive your employees change, by definition.

Recognition Awards for Employees

Your employees want to be recognized for their achievements by you and their peers. The bottom line is that an employee recognition awards program improves morale, increases productivity, fuels motivation, and increases employee retention rate. So, take a page from the playbook followed by the top thought-leaders in business. Enhance your company culture with appreciation awards and gifts for the hard workers putting in the time at the office, day in and day out.

Setting up an employee recognition program with Successories awards and trophies is both easier and harder than you think. Recognizing excellence through awards and recognition for employees involves carefully selecting options that align with your team's achievements and your company's culture. In their simplest forms, successful recognition programs could be little more than a recognition wall where, every month, you place a plaque with the name of an employee who did an outstanding job in your company's service.

At Successories.com, we offer a selection of recognition products and gifts that do more than just say "thank you." Our carefully chosen items are designed to inspire and celebrate your team's hard work and achievements. With our recognition gifts for employees, you will see the transformative impact of genuine appreciation.

Our team of experienced and trained recognition experts is available by phone and email to help you create a corporate recognition awards program. Whether you are a retailer recognizing your sales team for hitting sales goals at one of your retail stores, honoring employees' years of service, or thanking clients with a trophy, our team can help design, budget, and implement your corporate trophy award program.

Trophy Awards

Our collection of corporate trophy awards includes include stylish, heavy-weight glass awards that are affordable but with high presentation value, exclusive high-end crystal trophies that come in a variety of shapes & sizes, and dozens of acrylic trophies perfect for any budget.

Atlantic Art Glass Award Staff Gift True Leader Eagle Award Staff Gift 1-9 Years of Service Acrylic Award Staff Gift Years of Service Torch Crystal Award Staff Gift Leadership Curved Glass Award Staff Gift

Instant Recognition

Instantly recognize members of the team with cost-effective employee recognition gifts. Honor years of service to teamwork and much more with lapel pin awards. Recognize & discover the impact of affordable medallions & challenge coins.

You Rock Squeezable Stress Reliever Staff Gift Essence of Leadership Chrome Pen Staff Gift Essence Of Leadership Pen Holder Staff Gift 5 Years of Service Lapel Pin Staff Gift Thanks For Being Awesome Handy Highlighter Set Staff Gift

Award Plaques

From traditional engraved walnut award plaques to modern full-color printed designs, you are sure to find the perfect recognition plaques. We have plaques for every occasion. Choose from full color, brass, classic, motivational images, iconic graphics and a wide choice of woods. For example, our service award plaque awards provides a stunning setting for your words of recognition.

Rosewood Notched Engraved Plaque Award Staff Gift Attitude Lightning Framed Award Staff Gift Custom Photo Plaque 8 Rosewood Traditional Engraved Plaque Award Staff Gift Walnut Notched Engraved Plaque Award Staff Gift

Types of Employee Awards

You can find a custom award at Successories to fit any type of job and every type of person. Select from employee recognition plaques, certificates and trophies in a range of sizes, materials and prices. While evaluating the types of employee awards, avoid the one-size-fits-all approach to award employees for their efforts. Instead, opt for employee recognition awards that resonate with each individual, providing the special recognition you want to give to honor their accomplishments.

Here is a quick run-down of our collection of corporate recognition awards:

Acrylic Awards

Select from over 80 individual models, in a mix of shapes, including glacier, peak, stars, diamonds, round, tower, cornerstone, cascade, dome, heart, gem, apple, summit and more. One of our top favorites is the Gold Diamond Reflection design, which can be made in assorted colors like gold, silver and blue to represent First, Second and Third-Place winners.

Gold Diamond Reflection Acrylic Award
from Gina of Minneapolis, MN

Gold Diamond Reflection Acrylic Award

Excellent Service
We've order our annual volunteer award from Successories for at least 8 years. The staff are always helpful and make sure our order is perfect and delivered on time.

Crystal Awards

You can choose from over 90 types of awards made from crystal in a wide array of colors, shapes, sizes and prices. Check out this popular design:

Atlantic Art Glass Award
from Tracy of Undisclosed

Atlantic Art Glass Award

We had these made for our conference keynote speakers. They matched our theme of Making Waves in Philanthropy perfectly. They are absolutely stunning and our keynotes lived them

Glass Awards

Our selection of 35 unique glass awards includes clocks, vases, abstracts, geometrics, globes, pendants and plates. Customers love this dramatic glass award:

Atlantic Art Glass Award
from Deanna of Reedsport, OR

Atlantic Art Glass Award

Very impressed with quality
I purchased a blown glass trophy for our Traveling Trophy award, recognizing continuing education. The beauty and quality was impressive. I had looked at other companies, trying to find something just right with a coastal theme. I'm so happy I came across this online.

Certificate Awards

Successories offers 50 exclusive designs to suit any and every type of certificate for your business. You can choose motivational images on high-quality certificate paper, special folders and frames, as well as seals and foils.

Buying Employee Awards Online

Buying awards for your employees can be fun and easy if you have a plan. Any carefully crafted and creative awards program needs an equally thoughtful award-buying process. The goal is to purchase something that is...

  • In an acceptable price range
  • Suitable for the program you've constructed
  • Appreciated by your employees
  • Produced and presented on schedule

Doing all of this simultaneously is a cinch if you follow our step-by-step guide.

1. Establish a Budget

For larger yearly or quarterly awards programs ceremonies, it's critical to budget an amount for awards that reflects the importance of the event. However, you're likely offering more than one trophy or plaque to a single employee. That's why it's important to construct a budget beforehand.

First, decide how many awards you would like to distribute.

Consider what would be most appropriate for the occasion. Would you like to give first, second and third prizes for the top three employees? Would you like to give supplemental awards to workers with positive attitudes who don't necessarily perform as highly? Do you want to recognize employees who constantly receive good customer feedback? Are you looking to generally increase employee motivation and productivity?

If you want to do all of the above, the budget will have to reflect this. First, solidify the number of awards and what each will signify.

Second, make a rough estimate about how much you would like to spend on each particular reward.

There are few scenarios when you would want to spend the same amount on each item. A first-place employee awards is conventionally more valuable than a third-place award, and you may regard top performers differently compared to workers with positive attitudes.

With that in mind, don't merely divide the budget by the amount of awards. Pick specific price points for each. Here's an example based on a $1000 budget for employee of the year award or for rewarding a few employees for their overall excellence:

  • First prize top performer award: $250 ea.
  • Second prize top performer award: $150 ea.
  • Third price top performer award: $100 ea.
  • General recognition awards: $50 ea.

If you are awarding many employees who have reached the same level of achievement, establish an overall budget and divide by the number of recipients. This should be done for Year of Service awards (which are work anniversary gifts distributed when an employee reaches a milestone such as 5 or 10 or 25 years) or when sales associates all exceed their goals. For example, all employees that are approaching the 10-year milestone should receive an award over $100.

Once you have these rough estimates, it's time to see what you can afford.

2. Look for the Most Appropriate Awards

Since awards are tax deductable, there are hundreds of different gifts you can give to your employees, and you can stretch your dollar pretty far if you know what you're looking for. At Successories, awarding employees is easy! We've got a wide selection to choose from, so let's narrow it down a bit.

Start by picking what type of award you would like to offer for each category. Should the top performers receive a plaque, trophy, certificate, medallion, frame or a different kind of personalized item? What about the outstanding customer service winner? Should the item be showcased on the office wall for everyone to see or is it a gift for the employee's trophy case at home? Check the price range between these items and pick something suitable.

Then, compare specific materials and designs in that category. Typically, an award can demand a different price based on how elaborately it's constructed and what it's made out of.

The most relevant example pertains to glass, acrylic and crystal awards. While they may look similar, the material varies in quality. Acrylic is typically cheaper and more durable. Glass is a little more fragile and pricey. And crystal normally is at the top of the price spectrum, being the most brilliant in quality and requiring the most expertise to craft.

3. Personalize the Award

Making an award unique to your employees is a necessary step in the process. A blank award without a name or a particular personalized message could mean anything. By adding a personalized message and the name of the recipient, you're directly recognizing their achievements and expressing your gratitude as well as the company's. You'll have to keep a few things in mind, however.

Certain awards have character restrictions.

Not every trophy has a lot of surface area to use for a message. If you want to say a lot, find something with a large flat surface. Then again, you can open up your options with a pithy message. Write what you're going to say - and this may vary for employee to employee - and then sort through what's available.

Adding your company logo requires a certain file type.

Engraving a logo is tricky business. It requires a file that can stretch the art without becoming blurry. This vector format is usually a .eps or .ai file. If you only have a .jpg image of your company logo, don't fret! Other formats can be converted for a nominal fee, and we'll hold onto the new vector file for any of your future orders.

Personalizing awards comes with a time commitment.

We want to get everything right. If you have a custom message or logo, your award may go through a proofing process so you can approve the personalization before your order is sent. Of course, this takes a little bit of time - typically 2 days for set up and 5 days for production, large quantity orders may take more time, so budget respectfully.

Organization is critical.

With multiple reward recipients and various personalized messages, it can be a struggle to get everything in order. Design a spreadsheet that coordinates the specific award with the specific message and the particular employee's name. It will make processing your order easier for both you and us.

4. Always Follow a Timeline

Finally, all of this needs to be completed following a schedule so that you know the award will be ready and delivered in time for the ceremony. Here's a rough outline of how your timeline should look starting from the moment you're ready to place your order.

Decide the award winners and design the appropriate personalizations, and send the logo file, message and your choice of awards to us. To stay on the safe side, this should be done at least two weeks before the ceremony.

Personalization takes two days, and you will be sent a proof immediately afterward. Review and approve your proof quickly (but accurately) or make suggestions so production may begin.

Production can take up to five days. This is when your order will be shipped.

Depending on your location, pick an acceptable form of shipment. Standard and expedited shipping orders are available if necessary.

As a rule of thumb, say your event date is one day earlier to ensure your awards are received in advance.

If shipping to an event location such as a hotel, be sure to have a contact at the event space that will receive and put your shipment in a safe location, so that the day of the event doesn't have the added stress of tracking down your awards.

Shop Employee Recognition Awards with Successories

Employee recognition awards are not just about celebrating achievements; they’re about building a foundation for customer satisfaction and employee loyalty. At Successories, we understand the importance of acknowledging outstanding performance and dedication, offering creative solutions for every occasion and budget. So, if you want to build a positive company culture, our range of awards for employees provides the perfect way to express your appreciation.

Don't miss out on the chance to strengthen connections with your skilled employees with awards that recognize their dedication and contributions. Shop for recognition awards today to reward employees who demonstrate exceptional performance.