Employee Recognition & Motivation

Activity At Work Can Improve Your Health

Own a Fitbit? Hate to look at when you’re at work and see at the end of the day you’ve only clocked 2,000 steps? Did you know that prolonged sitting could be almost as detrimental to your health as smoking? According to The Mayo Clinic sitting for long periods of time can result in increased […]

4 Tips On Using Positive Feedback Notes During Customer Service Week

  A practice many companies are taking on is acknowledging Customer Service Week. This is when company managers take the time to write a brief note to each of their employees. The positive notes can serve several purposes, from improving company moral to inspiring staff to succeed. While choosing the notepad is easy thanks to […]

Use Inspiring Successories Designs On Products Of Your Choice

One of the reasons for Successories popularity with bosses and managers is the ability to use their designs on products that you chose. Whether it is inspirational wall art or small rewards that motivates employees to strive to be their best, Successories has a design that will suit your needs. Posters not only decorate the […]

Gift Ideas for Boss: Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion

If you want to make a great impression at work, giving your boss gifts that are thoughtful is a way to strengthen your relationship. The best gifts for boss perfectly fit whatever is being celebrated, whether it’s a work anniversary, retirement, or other occasion. You can make a boss gift even more meaningful by personalizing […]

September 16th Working Parents Day 

  Even though some companies still find it hard to believe, expert studies suggest that parents are better employees in some fields. This might be especially true concerning mothers. While few employers will admit publicly that they feel like moms will be more committed to their children than their positions within the company, some studies […]

6 Tips On Making Employees Feel Special On Labor Day

  Labor day is coming up soon, but did you know its origins? Declared a national holiday by congress in 1894, it celebrates workers economical and social contributions. First observed in New York, Labor Day is now celebrated across the United States. Government offices and public schools are closed, along with many businesses. Regardless of […]

Employees Love Office Supplies

If you want your staff to perform at their best, they need the right tools. Not only will this boost productivity, it also makes for a more pleasant work environment. Ensuring that employees have the office supplies they need is a simple step that is often overlooked by management. Successories makes it easy for bosses […]

Five Employee Gifts From Successories Under $10

When employees feel appreciated it benefits the company. Motivation and productivity improve, and this typically results in an increase in profits. Even though showing employee appreciation should be a part of the workplace culture, some companies are worried about the added expense. An employee gift doesn’t need to be expensive for them to feel like […]

5 Effective Ways To Rock At Employee Recognition

Employee recognition should be an important part of any workplace culture. Though in recent years, it has become expected. In some companies giving employees rewards has become so common place that it is difficult to show recognition for exceptional work. While it is important to keep employees happy and productive, this doesn’t necessarily mean rewarding […]

Five Top Gifts And Rewards For August

Showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work is important. It encourages company loyalty, and can inspire and motivate your team. You don’t have to wait until there is a holiday or other special occasion to reward your staff. Sometimes, the recognition means the most when it is unexpected. This August, take the time […]

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