Employee Recognition & Motivation

Employee Recognition Can Make A Bigger Difference Than You Realize

The life of a manager or business owner isn’t easy. You’re the one responsible for your team’s performance. If your company’s proverbial trains stop running on time, you’re the one who will be (rightly) held accountable. The buck stops with you. It’s no wonder then, that managers and owners are often the first ones at […]

Motivational Posters – Your Secret Weapon To Improve Morale And Productivity

The statistics speak for themselves. Study after study has shown that when you subject your employees to drab white, gray, or neutral-colored walls, it diminishes employee morale and productivity. Before you head to the hardware store to buy some buckets of brightly colored paint though, consider taking a different approach – use motivational posters instead! […]

Ideas To Make Memorial Day Special This Year

Does your company do anything special for Memorial Day? Some companies do, and others don’t. If your company doesn’t yet, but you’re interested in changing that, here are a few ways you can make the day special. Make Giving Thanks A Company-Wide Effort Service members who are deployed overseas often don’t have access to many […]

It’s Graduation Time! Gift Your Employees who are Graduating

Do you have an employee (or co-worker) who has gone back to school, or is currently taking a certification course with the goal of bettering themselves? That’s a big deal, and completing the course or graduating is a huge milestone that’s certainly worthy of celebration and recognition. We can help with that! Below are a […]

Don’t Forget to Appreciate Your Receptionists!

Receptionists are the unsung heroes of the business world. They’re almost always more than “just” receptionists and often wear a variety of different hats, serving the company they work for in a variety of capacities. Unfortunately, much of what they do goes unrecognized and underappreciated. If you’ve got a receptionist working for you in your […]

Summer Is Here – Gift Your Employees Some Cooling Gifts

Does your employee rewards and recognition program change with the seasons? If it doesn’t, it probably should, at least if you want to get maximum impact from it. After all, seasonally appropriate gifts are just more practical. Not that all gifts have to be practical of course, but practicality is always appreciated. With that in […]

A Survey Of The “Best” Company Cultures, And What Makes Them Special

Ask any manager or business owner about culture and what makes a great one, and most people will give you similar answers. It seems that just about everyone knows what a great company culture is, and can usually recognize companies that have it on sight, but few know how to actually build one in their […]

Surprise Your Employees With Birthday Wishes

Everybody likes to be recognized and remembered on their birthday, and your employees are no different. If you’ve got an employee birthday coming up and are looking for a great way to surprise and delight them, here are a few greeting card ideas, drawn from our massive collection: The D’oh! Walrus Card Pack This is […]

Recognize Your Nurses For National Nurses Day

National Nurses Day is on May 6th, and it kicks off a week-long celebration of nurses and all they do for the medical community. If you’re looking for some great ways to show your appreciation to your nursing staff, here are a few ideas to consider: Throw A Party Actually, given most nursing schedules, you’ll […]

Celebrate Your Valued Assistant On Admin Appreciation Day

Where would you be without your trusty administrative assistant? One thing’s for sure, your life would be a whole lot harder without them. If you’re struggling to find a great way to show your appreciation for them on Admin. Appreciation Day, which falls on Wednesday, April 25th, here are a few ideas: Surprise Them With […]

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