Employee Recognition & Motivation

Best Employee Gift Recommendations For August

There’s no “wrong” time to start recognizing your employees for their hard work and contributions to the success of your business. Even if you don’t have a formal recognition program in place, if you want to surprise and delight your hardworking employees, here are some stellar ideas to consider: Art – The Gift That Keeps […]

Great Motivational And Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Remote Workers

If you have any remote workers on your staff, it’s easy to overlook them and their contributions when it comes to recognition, or even holiday gift giving. The reality though, is that your remote employees are valuable contributors too, and deserve their fair share of attention. Whatever the occasion, from spreading a bit of holiday […]

Critical Lessons To Learn From 2018’s Best Companies To Work For

LinkedIn has recently published their annual report, “Top Companies in the US to Work For in 2018.” As ever, it’s a great read. If your company is on the list, congratulations! You’re doing a lot of things right to be included. If you didn’t get a mention, the list is all the more important, because […]

How The Humble Stress Ball Could Benefit Your Whole Staff

The statistics are grim. A staggering 40% of people cite stress as the reason they leave their jobs to find another. It’s the #1 cause of job turnover in America. Anything you, as owner or manager, do to reduce the stress levels of the employees working for you has to be counted as a good […]

Want To Reward Your Employees? Get Creative!

Happy employees are more productive employees and their increased productivity will have the happy effect of boosting your bottom line. Unfortunately, research has shown that simply offering more money is a relatively poor way to boost employee satisfaction and productivity, so if not that, then what? Recognition goes a long way, but how can you […]

Volunteers: How Can You Make Them Happy And Productive?

Yes, we know, we know, some people are shocked and surprised to learn that their employees have interests and passions that don’t involve the workplace. A great many of them volunteer in support of causes that matter to them. In the “good old days,” supporting your employees’ interests outside the workplace was an extravagance, but […]

Under The Hood – Surprising Statistics About Employee Retention

“Your employees are your most valuable resource.” If you’ve heard the phrase once, you’ve heard it a thousand times. It’s so common that it’s almost a cliché. The thing about clichés though, is that they’re actually true! There have been hundreds of studies about employee retention, but because those studies aren’t very glamorous or exciting, […]

Five New items for July!

Looking for great new ideas to acknowledge, reward and inspire your employees?  We have a massive collection of products, and every month, we add to it.  Here are some exciting new additions for July.  Check these out and see what you think! Success Tree Motivational Art Poster If you display motivational art in your office, […]

Try A Desktop Print From Successories!

Almost everyone loves art, and our extensive collection has the dual benefit of being both beautiful and inspiring. If you’re looking for a great way to reward and acknowledge your best-performing employees, consider one of our high-quality prints! Here are a few for your consideration. Perseverance Grand Canyon Framed Desktop Print Few sights are more […]

To Attract (And Keep) Top Talent, Follow The Leaders!

Finding and keeping the best employees can be a daunting challenge. The landscape of the modern workplace is changing rapidly, and the best, most innovative companies are offering perks that smaller businesses struggle mightily to match. There’s good news though – you don’t have to be able to perfectly match the best “perks” offered by […]