Employee Recognition & Motivation

Human Resources Trends In The Year Ahead

The speed of business is ever-increasing, as is the pace of change.  While many people think of human resources as stuffy and bureaucratic, the reality is quite different.  Human Resources departments around the country are embracing technology at a rapid clip, and 2019 stands to be exciting indeed.  Here are a few trends to be […]

Five Fabulous Ways To Thank Your Hard Working Employees

Given the hectic pace of the modern business world, it’s all too easy to forget to press pause for a moment and send a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to your star performing employees.  Unfortunately, harried managers often don’t have time to come up with an innovative way to express their appreciation.  With this piece, we hope […]

The Importance Of Employee Recognition

Given the blistering pace of the modern work environment, employee recognition can be easy to overlook. Unfortunately, those who don’t take the time are putting their organizations at risk. Millennials are now dominant in the workforce, and unlike previous generations, they have different needs, wants, goals and desires. Study after study has confirmed that a […]

Inspirational Art – An Excellent Addition To Your Office

Studies have shown that adding inspirational artwork around your office has beneficial effects that extend for months and years after the artwork is purchased, making it one of the best, most cost-effective ways of boosting morale and productivity we know of. We’ve got a wide range of colorful, inspirational artwork to fit every budget, taste […]

Need help with a Labor Day message for your employees?

With Labor Day fast approaching, you may be struggling to come up with ideas about how to communicate your appreciation for your hard-working staff. We can help with that! Below, you’ll find a trio of sample letters you can use as a starting point to draft your own personalized, heartfelt message to your employees. Example […]

Give The Gift Of Motivation to Your Employees

If you’re looking for a distinctive, refined, understated gift for one of your hard-working employees that not only shows how much you appreciate them and their efforts, but also serves as a constant source of motivation, consider one of the posters from our Great Leaders series. You can order any of these in either a […]

Fun Gifts For Your Employees

Do you want to surprise and delight your best employees or recognize them for their hard work and accomplishments? If you’re struggling to come up with ideas of your own, check some of these out! The Ebony Crystal Paperweight It’s the bold simplicity of this design that makes it so eye-catching and remarkable. The glossy, […]

Five New Items For August 2018

Are you looking for great new ways to recognize your star performing employees? Every month, we add to our already massive collection of gifts and awards. Most of them are highly customizable, enabling you to imprint them with your company’s name or brand logo, and many have space for a personalized message in the event […]

Best Employee Gift Recommendations For August

There’s no “wrong” time to start recognizing your employees for their hard work and contributions to the success of your business. Even if you don’t have a formal recognition program in place, if you want to surprise and delight your hardworking employees, here are some stellar ideas to consider: Art – The Gift That Keeps […]

Great Motivational And Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Remote Workers

If you have any remote workers on your staff, it’s easy to overlook them and their contributions when it comes to recognition, or even holiday gift giving. The reality though, is that your remote employees are valuable contributors too, and deserve their fair share of attention. Whatever the occasion, from spreading a bit of holiday […]