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For journal books under $25 browse the extensive gift books section at Successories and you'll see that we carry inspirational journals that are a pleasure to give as employee gifts. Our blank books feature hard front and back covers and come in sizes such as 7" x 10". These blank journals can include up to 200 recycled lined pages which are spiral bound. Our diaries and journal books are useful employee gifts as well and are ideal for taking notes during meetings.

We have journal books under $25 that include contact pages and three-year calendars. These blank books feature hard fronts and backs.

Our journal books are useful employee gifts that can be brought to meetings and many journal books come with convenient pens.

Discover the journal books under $25 we carry at Successories when you want to give useful and motivational employee gifts. These blank books feature handsome covers and come in a range of themes such as "Make It Happen," and "You Rock!" Our blank journals are ideal for bringing to meetings and let employees and coworkers keep their notes in one convenient journal book. Use these as diaries as well and some of our journal books contain up to 200 pages.

We have journal books based on our employee gifts and these include journals inspired by our motivational posters. We also have blank journals designed with our desk top gems in mind so these blank journals feature covers in emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red. Our blank journals have hard front and back covers and some measure 7" x 10". We have smaller diaries, too, and these journal books measure 5" x 7" and some of our blank books come with pens.
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