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Glass Paperweight & Acrylic Paperweight

Desk Accessories, Acrylic Paperweight & Paperweight Gifts

For inspirational paperweights that vibrantly blend motivational messages and attractive images together, look into the many paperweight gifts we stock at Successories. Choose a glass paperweight and you'll get a powerful message inside a thick lens of crystal-clear glass. Each acrylic paperweight features a 3/4" acrylic crystal-clear lens and our acrylic paperweights come with an attractive velvet pouch as well. Our paperweight gifts under $25 collection also features attractive stone paperweights and rock paperweights and these are all affordable coworker gifts anyone in your office will be happy to receive.

We have inspirational paperweights that are attractive and feature crystal-clear glass and acrylic lenses. Choose a glass paperweight based on the theme of believing and succeeding to motivate you and your coworkers.

Our inspirational paperweights under $25 include glass paperweights, acrylic paperweights, and even stone and rock paperweights.

When you want inspirational paperweights in a variety of shapes and styles with many different motivational messages, come to the desk accessories section at Successories. We have a glass paperweight for you and your coworker and our selection of paperweight gifts under $25 also includes acrylic paperweights, stone paperweights, and rock paperweights. Choose an acrylic paperweight crafted around the idea of the power of a positive outlook. Or browse paperweight gifts designed with themes of teamwork, service, integrity, or leadership in mind.

Our many inspirational paperweights under $25 feature lovely imagery and powerful messages such as Make it happen, and Believe & succeed. Each glass paperweight features a thick lens against the artwork for a crystal-clear view of the message inside. Each acrylic paperweight comes with a 3/4" crystal-clear acrylic lens, and these motivational paperweights are affordable inspirational gifts. These paperweight gifts are attractively packaged and can feature felt top bottoms to protect the desktop from scratches.
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