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Inspirational Books, Motivational Stories & Employee Gifts

Gift books are a great way to show someone the path to success, to celebrate their successes, or help them through hard times. Select motivational books sure to inspire readers to overcome obstacles and move onward to success whether in their personal lives or in their careers. Our inspirational books give words of encouragement to inspire people to be the best they can be. Motivational stories fill these books, such as that of young surfing champion Bethany Hamilton's amazing struggle to survive after a devastating shark attack and overcome her fears to return to surfing.

Give gift books to celebrate achievements and give encouragement. Our motivational books are filled with poems, photos and stories that will inspire and motivate readers.

Gift books that motivate, inspire and encourage are ideal for friends, family and associates.

Give gift books filled with first person stories, poetry and stunning photography. The motivational books encourage success and lay down paths for achievement. Inspirational books bring you true stories of people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Read motivational stories about the likes of golfing great Ben Hogan, who defeated a lifetime of adversity.

Given as employee gifts, these are achievement recognition that will have a lasting effect on the recipients. Select as manager gifts such books that guide and provide tips for success such as "Eat That Frog", a light-hearted book that gives serious advice on avoiding the pitfalls of procrastination. As achievement gifts, or award gifts, these books are great accompaniment to achievement awards given to your employees.
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