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Say "Thank you" with certificate seals from Successories. These beautifully embossed seals are self-adhesive and will adorn any appreciation certificate perfectly. Each of our gold foil certificate seals features a motivational message of excellence, teamwork, soaring to new heights and more. Use gold seals to illustrate your employee appreciation, and build a culture of excellence within your organization. And choose seals for appreciation gifts like training certificates or awards of excellence, for a high-impact statement of gratitude.

Lovely certificate seals will adorn certificates and dipolomas with tastefully embossed gold seals. These embossed seals add another dimension of class to an already award-worthy occasion.

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Certificate seals make employee appreciation gifts dinstinctive with inspirational messages of excellence.

Beautiful gold certificate seals make high-impact statements when placed on your employee appreciation certificates. These embossed seals are highly effective in conveying your appreciation for excellence, leadership and going "Above & Beyond" the call of duty. Self-adhesive gold foil certificate seals are also serrated for a more distinctive appearance. These gold seals will allow you to tailor or personalize your gift for every occasion. And employee appreciation certificates will let you recognize rising stars in your ranks, when you attach one of these medallion seals to appreciation gifts for the members of your organization.

Use certificate seals and behold the power of motivational messages. Embossed seals are distinctive, self-adhesive gold foil seals featuring inspirational messages. And these gold foil certificate seals will take any employee appreciation certificate to the next level. Gold seals wtih messages like, "Above & Beyond," "Dare to Soar," or "Committment to Excellence" will remind everyone that your orgnanization is one that upholds excellence and growth. Adorn employee appreciation certificates with star medallion certificate seals and impress your employees with your inspirational messages. Take the time with appreciation gifts to make a bold statement, and gain employee loyalty and respect.
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