Employee Service Awards Clocks

Employee Awards Desk Clocks & Employe Desk Clocks

Our employee service awards clocks are exclusively designed with beautiful imagery and wise messages. These employee awards clocks bear such motivational messages as "The high road to service is traveled with integrity, compassion and understanding..." Personalize employee awards desk clocks with engraving for gifts that you employees will cherish. Employee service awards desk clocks are framed by brushed silver aluminum.

Give employee service awards clocks, and reward your staff with beautiful imagery. The employee awards clocks are set in stylish brushed aluminum frames.

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Buy employee service awards clocks, for a unique gift your employees will cherish.

Employee service awards clocks grace you special employees' desks with humming birds, waterfalls and more. These employee awards clocks are bursting with style and beauty, making them unique awards for any occasion. The employee awards desk clocks, with motivational messages like, "Customer service is not a department...it's an attitude," inspire your employees to continue their hard work. The employee service awards desk clocks are framed in stylish brushed silver aluminum, with a desk clock on one side and desired image on the other.

Our employee desk clocks can be ordered with an engraved plate, bearing your own personal messages to the employee. These awards desk clocks run on a single AA battery, and are gorgeous, yet practical, employee motivational service awards. Order service awards clocks in quantities of 12 or more and get a discount. Give these employee inspirational service awards for special achievements, or just to say your work is appreciated.

Products 1 - 5 of 5