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We designed our award medal displays to make the most of your medallion awards. Our medallion holders are just the right size to display on your desk or shelf, ensuring medallions and their motivational quotes take center stage. With our star awards, changing out one medallion for another is easy. Our award displays are made so you can simply slip one medallion out and insert a new inspirational quote.

Our award medal displays let you proudly show off your award medallions. Our medallion holders are handsome additions to your desk or shelf.

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Award medal displays let your award medallions take center stage.

With award medal displays from Successories, award medallions always have a place to shine. We designed these medallion holders in distinctive acrylic to ensure your award medallions and their motivational quotes are front and center. With our star awards, medallions are easy to change out. No matter the medallion, award displays let you show them proudly. Award medal displays measure slightly more than 2"X 2", an ideal size for displaying award medallions and their motivational quotes on desks or shelves. These medallion holders are designed to display our popular 1-3/8" medallions, which are sold separately. Star awards are made of brilliantly hand-polished acrylic for a distinctive look. Award displays are affordable and attractive to make the most of medallion awards.
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