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Mini Awards & Engraved Acrylic Awards

Mini Trophies & Employee Recognition Awards

Mini awards are sized just right to act as paper weights or small desktop decor, and with their excellence quotes are sure to inspire. Each engraved acrylic award can be used as service recognition awards or employee motivation tools. Mini trophies are made with the same quality as the larger engraved acrylic awards, and work well for employee recognition for leadership excellence. Our employee recognition awards can be used throughout the year whatever the occasion.

Our mini awards and mini trophies are excellent for service recognition awards that are engraved with excellence quotes. Engraved acrylic awards in smaller sizes make excellent paper weights, and office decor.

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Mini awards embellished with excellence quotes allow you to give your employee motivation at any time.

Mini awards work well to celebrate peak performance or leadership excellence. Engraved acrylic awards with excellence quotes like "winning achievement", or "passion for excellence" are created for use as service recognition awards or employee recognition. Mini trophies are small enough to sit on a desk, yet large enough to offer employee motivation. Our employee recognition awards like the engraved acrylic awards let you celebrate the successes of your team.

Mini awards from Successories are engraved with excellence quotes perfect for celebrating leadership excellence. The engraved acrylic awards act as employee motivation tools when you give them as employee recognition awards. Choose a mini trophy as your service recognition awards, and feel comfortable using them year round as morale boosters. Engraved acrylic awards make an employee feel important, and shows that you appreciate their work and dedication.
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