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Our extraordinary framed inspirational prints in the "Essence Of..." series of framed desktop prints are small 7x7 inch motivational posters with inspirational pictures that explore fundamental values through reflective messages and breathtaking images. Give these motivational prints as gifts for employee recognition or whenever you need inspirational gifts that will be long remembered as special business gifts.

Framed inspirational prints that sit on desktops are an easy way to boost employee motivation. These small framed prints with motivational pictures make great business gifts.

Motivational prints in desk size 7x7 frames let you show appreciation and employee recognition with beautiful business gifts that also serve as daily inspirational gifts.

Small framed inspirational prints make it easy to provide employee recognition. Check out themes in these motivational prints to find those that work for each employee so you can give individualized business gifts. The inspirational pictures in these framed prints work as a daily boost to employee motivation, with powerful words and images.

When you need business gifts that also work as inspirational gifts, check out this collection of motivational prints. These framed inspirational prints are a nice size to sit on a desktop of an employee or college student. Motivational prints are an easy way to remind friends, employees and students of important values through motivational pictures and words. Giving small 7x7 framed prints at employee recognition events is another excellent use of these small motivational prints.

Boost employee motivation by using these framed inspirational prints for employee recognition or as unique inspirational gifts. Beautiful and motivational pictures are matched with words in this series of desktop-size framed prints that come ready for all your business gift needs. Motivational prints are perfect inspirational gifts for recent graduates and students heading to college.
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