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For the better part of a century LIFE Magazine was America's lens on the world. The images that graced its pages have become icons of our life, culture, and history. From this rich historic archive, Successories has compiled the LIFE Magazine Fine Art Collection. Every stunningly reproduced photograph is presented double matted in a museum quality 22" x 28" gallery frame. An engraved commemorative plate is available as an option.

Art posters with LIFE magazine photography are professionally framed motivational posters you can hang at home or at work. Framed posters also make great inspirational gifts.

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Photographic art posters with images from LIFE magazine are the solution for employee recognition gifts or business gifts when you need special inspirational gifts.

Professionally framed art posters are ready to help you decorate your office with motivational posters with images from LIFE magazine. These inspirational pictures are perfect when you need to spruce up your office with some beautiful art. Use artistic framed posters for employee motivation, with unique images that inspire top performance.

LIFE magazine art posters in this collection are professionally matted and framed and can be customized with an engraved plate for your special business gifts. Hang these classy framed posters at home or at work for a touch of elegance. These motivational prints work well for employee motivation when they line the halls of your workplace.

Art posters make great wall decorations when you’re not sure where to start. LIFE magazine images make these motivational posters beautiful and suitable for any environment. Use these framed posters to reward top performers during employee recognition events or to promote employee motivation. Framed art makes a good choice for inspirational gifts or professional business gifts with a classic touch.
Items 271 - 283 of 283
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