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Bulk Teacher Appreciation Gifts and Ideas

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" and an effective way to invest in knowledge is to ensure our educators know how much they are valued. Studies show time and time again that showing your appreciation positively affects job performance and retention and will leave teaching staff inspired to go above and beyond in the classroom. Our collection of the best teacher appreciation gifts will allow you to appreciate teachers and staff.

Bulk Teacher Appreciation Gifts and Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Successories wide selection of custom wholesale teacher gifts are perfect for celebrating your staff, from personalized vases to custom ceramic mugs. Laser engraved leather journals or a Teachers Build Futures tote bag are both functional daily reminders to ensure your appreciation is never forgotten. Although perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Day, our exclusive gifts at every price point are great for gifting year-round.

12 Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May each year. Tuesday of this week is the day that is designated Teacher Appreciation Day. However, appreciating teachers does not need to be an event a student, co-worker, parent or other person needs that is done once each year. Teachers are special people who are always giving of themselves and showing them appreciation for their contribution is a great idea. Successories makes ideal gifts for teachers, here are ten of our best teacher gifts ideas:

1. Calendars & Planners

Successories Motivational Calendars will be an appreciated gift in the classroom. Teachers often need to keep track of certain dates that occur through the school year. The use of a wall calendar at home or at school is a great option.

2. Personalized Crystal Gifts

An engraved crystal gift will allow you to add a personal touch. Math teachers can display a personalized crystal ruler to show students how to go old school when a measurement is needed. Teachers and apples seem to go hand in hand, so a unique marble paperweight shaped like an apple is gold-filled with your engraving. This and other unique personalized gifts such as vases and candles will be displayed on the teacher's desk for years to come.

3. Notepads

Taking notes is not just for students. These motivational note pads are a great gift for teachers who must write down ideas and lesson plans. Notepads are affordable additions to any gift basket the PTO is putting together for the teachers and staff.

4. Appreciation Soup Mug & Spoon

Teachers often miss school due to being sick. This mug and spoon is as great gift idea for teachers who are home sick and need a reminder of why they enjoy their job.

5. Thanks for All You Do Leatherette Tumbler

Coffee, tea, or any hot beverage can be kept in this tumbler on a cold winter day. This is s gift that may also be used to keep beverages cold during the summer.

6. Appreciation Water Bottles

Being awesome is not hard for good teachers and decorated water bottles are a great way to show appreciation. This is a great gift for teachers who are active after work. Many may go to the gym or exercise and need to have a supply of water.

7. Ceramic Mugs

A mug with an inspirational message is a great option for coffee or other hot beverages. This is a great birthday gift for any co-worker when getting together for lunch or when taking a break.

8. Candy & Sweets

Who doesn't love sweet treats? This clear acrylic cube comes packed with the candy of your choice. A great way to show your appreciation! The cube measure 2.5" on each side, and the brightly colored jumble of sweets make it a great desktop decoration.

9. Sticky Notes & Note Cubes

The world probably wouldn't be able to function without sticky notes. Everybody uses them for a variety of purposes, teachers included. A handy spiral bound notebook comes with four different cover color options, and is emblazoned with a classic teacher logo and the words: Great Teachers. Great Students. Great Schools." Inside, you'll find a handy collection of sticky notes in assorted colors, good for almost anything. It's an inexpensive, practical gift that's sure to be appreciated!

10. Portfolios

Teachers need a handy place to store documents. There are papers to take home to grade, class preparation notes, and the like. This is another handy, practical gift that's' sure to be appreciated. A favorite style features our classic teacher's logo, but we've got a wide variety of other options available if something else would be more to your liking. Even better, if you prefer, you can create your own custom cover for added personalization. The portfolio measures 8.5" x 11" and features 3 business card pockets a pen loop, a replaceable 8.5" x 11" pad of paper, and a mesh pocket for assorted accessories.

11. Power Banks

These days, what teacher doesn't rely heavily on smart devices? The problem, of course, is power. It can be mightily inconvenient to have to recharge in the middle of the day. That's where this handy gift comes in. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to charge your favorite devices on the fly, and comes with a standard USB connector cable allowing you to recharge the battery from your PC. An incredibly handy gift for your favorite teacher that can be customized with your choice of messages.

12. Bluetooth Speaker

If your favorite teacher is an audiophile, this speaker is the perfect gift. Don't let its deceptively small footprint fool you, this speaker produces great quality sound, and being designed with Bluetooth technology, can be connected wirelessly to most any device. Best of all, it comes in a variety of fun colors and can be customized with your choice of messages.

Reasons for Teacher Appreciation

In any workplace, recognition is critical to keep employees engaged. In a school setting, teacher engagement directly impacts lesson effectiveness and how receptive students are in the classroom. When you manage or work with teachers, you know how important each teacher is to the organization's success. So whether you're an Administrator who's interested in expressing your appreciation for the hard-working teachers on your staff or a student interested in making a good first impression, we've got plenty of teacher-centric gifts in our product lineup.

Teachers are some of the busiest professionals around. They often work with dozens of students each day and are tasked with conveying important lessons in an easy-to-understand manner. Their job duties typically go above and beyond what the on-paper description entails. From mediating student relationships, to leading extracurricular organizations, teacher responsibilities are vast and important.

Getting a heartfelt gift from a parent, fellow teacher, administrator, or student can help remind a teacher of how meaningful their work is and can motivate them to continue to make a difference. Some occasions that are great for giving teacher appreciation gifts include:

  1. Last day of Summer / Welcome Back
  2. First Day of School
  3. Teacher Work Anniversary
  4. Project Completion - congratulate teachers whose work on a project concluded, such as the direction of a school play or the completion of a yearbook
  5. Last day of school
  6. National Teachers' Day or Teacher Appreciation Week
  7. Gifts for Retiring Teachers will allow the retiring teacher to leave a school with positive feelings for the institution, which can improve the school's reputation.
  8. Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

    Teachers fill some of the most vital positions in society. You probably remember a teacher or several who made a difference in your own life, through the power of education and by being an inspiring and respected figure. If you're a parent or you work with teachers, you know how dedicated your child's teacher can be to helping shape new generations of people who will make meaningful contributions to the world. Fun gifts do more than sit on a teacher's desk. Make your favorite teacher smile and show them how much they're valued. Gifts for teacher's appreciation week can be a reminder of how important the work that they do is.

    Every year, teachers are recognized on National Teachers' Day, on the Tuesday of the first full week of May, which is also Teacher Appreciation Week. Read on for Teacher Appreciation Week gifts and Teachers Appreciation Day gifts, as well as meaningful teacher appreciation gift ideas that are special to give all year round.

    Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

    It doesn't have to cost much money to show a teacher that you care. Teacher appreciation gift ideas from Successories are fun and easy ways to show gratitude, and teachers will love using them. Consider these gifts.

    • Lunch gifts: Give a teacher something to pack their lunch in an organized and stylish way with collapsible food containers, cooler bags, cooler totes, and lunch coolers. These teacher food containers are easy and convenient to use, with inspirational teacher-focused messages.
    • Backpacks and totes: Like their students, teachers often need to carry around books or school supplies on campus, to meetings, and at conferences. Lightweight cinch backpacks, super-size trunk organizers, large totes, and regular backpacks are useful and motivational, with fun teacher messages displayed on them.
    • Outside-of-school gifts: Gifts that are useful off school grounds show that you recognize the importance of teachers having a strong work-life balance. Ideas you could give include thermal mugs, fleece blankets, umbrellas, journals, and more.

    Successories' bulk order options for teacher appreciation gifts allow you to purchase a group of teacher gifts at once. You always have something fun on hand to give or have something for all the teachers you work with or your child sees throughout a school year.

    Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts, Ideas and More

    The best teacher gifts include personalization. We mean more than just a handwritten note, of course. Teacher appreciation gifts from Successories are great for school administrators, fellow teachers, parents, current and former students, and community members to give to teachers who contribute so much to society. By giving a thoughtful, fun, and practical gift to a teacher you care about or a group of teachers you manage, you can help to improve how they perform at their jobs and positively impact students, too.

    Show that special teacher in your life you are grateful for their work. Browse some of our best-selling teacher appreciation ideas here now.

    Since its establishment by the National Parent Teacher Association in 1984, Teacher Appreciation Week has been celebrated each year during the first full week in May, while National Teacher Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday in May. Originally started to thank teachers for their dedication to students, Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Day have grown beyond the classroom to honor women and men across the country who change the lives of millions of children daily. Teachers are recognized during this time with awards and grants from various organizations like the National PTA and the National Education Association.

    In addition to awards and grants, parents, students, and coworkers also share their appreciation for their teachers' hard work in the form of gifts. Each year, a theme is designated for the week-long celebration. No matter the theme, Successories has you covered with a large selection of teacher gifts and thoughtful gift ideas such as personalized vases, embroidered bags and even stainless steel tumblers to keep their morning coffee hot. Sometimes, the perfect gift is as simple as a candy set that says, "Behind Every Great School is an Amazing Staff," which is the perfect touch to recognize and motivate your staff.

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Making A Difference Soup Mug & Spoon
from Em of Union City, CA

Making A Difference Soup Mug & Spoon

Perfect for my boss
I have five Boss's I work with. Every year they do an amazing job with spoiling our whole team for Customer Service week. For the past five years as a team, our company purchased items similar to these as a group. This year I wanted to give special individual gifts to stand out and let them know "They are the ones who makes the team". It bowl have a special phrase pick out for that individual.
Your company has an awesome variety of gifts to choose from!!!

Em :O)

Awesome Affirmation Band
from Krista Barker of Panama City, FL

Awesome Affirmation Band

I really love this product!
I love this product.

Lennon Crystal Vase
from Brian Boyer of Apopka, FL

Lennon Crystal Vase

Part of my Wife Brithday Gift
I had my wife's birthday and name put on it. The team made sure that they had every thing right before it went to production. They even called and talked with me about some details.