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Recognition Gifts for Employees to Suit Any Occasion

Employee gifts are often a challenge due to appropriateness, affordability, and other factors. Our employee recognition gifts, with their motivational quotes and inspiring messages, are always appropriate and fit into almost every budget. The occasional thoughtful gift for employees is an excellent way to boost morale and show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. Whether you are looking for corporate gifts to fit on an office desk or the top employee gifts, our exclusive line of recognition gifts are the perfect solution for companies. With hundreds of appreciation gifts for employees and company gifts for employees to choose from, you are sure to find perfect employee gifts. Looking for a great end-of-year/holiday season/Christmas gift, check out our employee holiday gifts.

Recognition Gifts for Employees to Suit Any Occasion

Successories has Employee Gifts & Ideas for Any Occasion

Employee Gifts are often a challenging proposition considering the planning involved, the level of personalization, and the uniqueness of the employee gifts. Once again, Successories.com truly hits the mark - Employee Gifts with motivational quotes and inspiring messages are always a good idea and fit into almost every budget. With hundreds of gift ideas to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your employees at Successories.com.

Besides holiday gifts and Employee Appreciation Day, there is a multitude of opportunities to boost employee happiness with a gift box full of small trinkets and office essentials with the following meaningful gift ideas.

  • An employee of the month award
  • A celebration for an employee anniversary at the business
  • A reward for exceeding key performance indicators
  • A token of thanks for referring a great new candidate to the company

Gifts can also be given if you know an employee has recently overcome a challenging personal issue, such as experiencing a death in the family. By showing your team you care, you help to nurture the relationship between the employee and the business, which increases employee trust and loyalty in your company.

Functional gifts for staff from Successories like highlighters, mugs, stress relievers, padfolios, and pens remind employees who use them that your business invests in their well-being. Practical gift ideas featuring motivational statements help to keep employees encouraged and on track as they’re working. Special, unique, and personalized mementos like vases or desk clocks are items employees will treasure for years to come. lunch pack with your company logo is not only the ultimate to-go container for them but is a great gift that eliminates the need for plastic bags. The possibilities of how to express your thanks to your team are endless with Successories. As you can see giving a personalized gift to your employees doesn't have to be a daunting challenge. Successories.com makes employee gift-giving fun, motivational, and most importantly functional.

How Much Should You Spend on Corporate Gifts for Employees

Rewarding your team's efforts doesn't have to break the bank. Depending on your organization and what else you are doing to recognize employees, expect to budget between $10 to $20 per employee. Best gifts are ones that are useful year-round (drinkware or tote bags) and say "thank you" every day such as gifts that are decorated with the design "Thanks for all you do!". If you are looking to recognize executives and managers as well, personalized gifts and a budget of $50 - $100 are appropriate. This is a great time to give years of service awards to senior employees who have been with the company for over 5 years.

Shop Employee Gifts Under Your Budget

Find Perfect Employee Gift Ideas Now

Giving employees gifts is just as rewarding for you as it is for your employees. You get to shop for items you think your employees will love, and presenting your employees with the gifts/awards helps remind you how valuable they are to your business.

When you shop with Successories, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed, or your money back. Make an investment that matters to your employees, to your relationships, and your bottom line. Shop employee gifts now.

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Customer Favorite Employee Gifts

Updated Sunday 12-10-2023
Brilliance Acrylic Award
from Audrey of Undisclosed

Brilliance Acrylic Award

Perfectly Professional and Portable!
The award was perfect! Our work team wanted a sturdy award that looks professional and will present nicely and last throughout the recipients career but it also has to be able to be shipped around the world. Love the accent color to give it more flare and the font size and proportion were spot on. Very nice product, will be ordering more!

Teamwork Rowers Chrome Pen
from Sandy of Tampa, FL

Teamwork Rowers Chrome Pen

My team LOVED this pen!!
This was a perfect gift for my team. Looks good, nice team message and writes well!!

Flare Crystal Award
from Jaimee of Undisclosed

Flare Crystal Award

Sleek and Elegant - Must Buy!
I chose this product to award the champion of our inaugural ping pong tournament and was impressed with the clean etching and vibrancy of the blue embellishment. It came in a sleek black box with a magnetic clasp for safe keeping. Can't wait to present this to our employee!