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Gold Certificate Seals, Embossed Foil Seals, Gold Foil Seals & Foil Seals

Certificate seals dress up award certificates and diplomas so you can present them as business gifts. Foil seals come in packs of 100 in silver, blue or gold. Make your own with foil accent paper in multi-color packs or single colors. Gold foil seals pre-printed with inspirational messages add a nice touch to employee recognition or employee motivation gifts.

Add certificate seals and embossed foil seals to your employee recognition awards and turn them into inspirational gifts.

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Foil seals, embossed foil seals and gold foil seals are just a few choices in the certificate seals for all your employee recognition business gifts.

Use these certificate seals to add a professional finish to your employee recognition award presentations. Gold foil seals and embossed foil seals come in multi-packs of 100 so you will always be ready with that extra touch for an inspirational gift. Foil accent paper can be used to make your own seals or dress up name labels and other documents for employee motivation.

Pre-printed certificate seals carry inspirational messages to add to employee motivational cards or business gifts. Use gold foil seals to seal wrapping paper on your inspirational gifts. Embossed foil seals in blue, silver and gold come in convenient packs of 100 so you will be well stocked for all your employee recognition needs. Make your own foil seals with foil accent paper that comes in single or multi color packs.

Gold foil seals add a flourish to award certificates you hand out for employee recognition. Blue and silver foil seals add a touch of color and class to your business gifts or inspirational gifts. Certificate seals pre-printed with inspirational messages are ready to stick on frames, awards or packages. Use foil accent paper to make your own embossed foil seals.