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Paperweights & Inspirational Notepads

Desktop Prints, Inspirational Notepads & Mouse Pads

Motivational desk accessories from Successories are daily reminders that your organization encourages innovation and excellence. Acrylic paperweights are not only eye-catching, but inspirational and attractively packaged for individual employee gifts. Inspirational notepads will keep everyone on the same "page," and make excellent business gifts at meetings. Give mouse pads, desktop prints or other desktop accessories as inspirational gifts that will help to build morale, confidence and loyalty.

With motivational desk accessories, reward rising stars and seasoned veterans. Attractive paperweights and practical inspirational notepads are just a few of the many options you'll find in our collection of employee gifts.

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Motivational desk accessories bring popular images and messages of inspiration to life.

Motivational desk accessories from Successories make attention-grabbing employee gifts for employees at every level of your organization. Beautiful paperweights are a thick lens of crystal-clear acrylic. Inspirational notepads include your favorite messages and photography on practical pads of paper. And mouse pads are inspirational gifts, containing and almost constant reinforcement of your message.

Give motivational desk accessories liberally to build morale, encourage creativity and ensure loyalty. Our paperweights, desktop prints, pens and more are small business gifts that make a big impact. Eye-catching and inspirational notepads are ideal for business gifts when kicking off a new initiative or welcoming visitors. Choose mouse pads, desktop prints, pens and paperweights for inspirational gifts your team will love receiving.
Items 31 - 58 of 58