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Discover the clock awards under $25 from Successories when you want to give unique and lasting employee recognition awards. These employee awards are useful, decorative, and inspirational employee awards and offer four motivational messages. Our desk clocks contain a clock in the center which features quartz movement so they're accurate timepieces. These gift clocks feature handsome granite-textured surfaces but they won't scratch desktops and our gift clocks weigh less than one pound as well.

Consider giving desk clocks as employee awards because our unique desk clocks offer four motivational messages on each gift clock. These employee awards contain clocks with quartz movement.

Our clock awards under $25 are employee recognition gifts that are useful, decorative, and inspirational.

If you're looking for clock awards under $25 to give as motivational gifts or as employee awards for your employee or coworker then consider the inspirational desk clocks we have available at Successories. As employee awards, desk clocks are both useful gifts and decorative tokens of employee recognition. Our desk clocks feature handsome granite-textured surfaces but these employee recognition gifts won't scratch desktops and weigh less than one pound. These attractive gift clocks are 2" high, 2" wide, and 2" long and feature the timepiece in the center of the clock award.

Our clock awards feature clocks that operate on quartz movement so they're accurate timepieces as well as being handsome employee awards. These unique employee awards also feature four inspiring quotations, with one message on each side of the desk clock. Desk clocks are based on themes such as teamwork and leadership and the quotations reflect these themes. So these gift clocks offer words of wisdom such as, "None of us are as strong as all of us," and "Companies don't succeed...people do."
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