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For clock gifts that you'll want to give as employee gifts, and receive yourself as office gifts, then check out the unique desk clocks we have available at Successories. Our desk clocks feature handsome granite-textured surfaces and contain four motivational messages. These table clocks are lightweight, weighing under one pound, and feature clocks with quartz movement. Inspirational messages on these employee gifts that you might find include "Leaders bring out the best in others."

Our clock gifts under $25 are made with handsome granite-textured surfaces and run on quartz movement. These desk clocks are unique and useful employee gifts.

We have clock gifts designed to inspire as well as tell time and our desk clocks contain four motivational messages.

Clock gifts are memorable tokens that employees and coworkers can cherish and use every day and we have several desk clocks in the office gifts section at Successories. Our desk clocks offer granite-textured surfaces and weigh less than one pound. These table clocks feature a timepiece in the center of the clock gift and the clock utilizes quartz movement. These employee gifts under $25 are unique desk clocks that employees or coworkers will enjoy receiving and treasure.

Our clock gifts are the perfect size for a desktop or corner table and these table clocks measure 2" high, 2" wide and are 2" long. Choose these desk clocks because they're inspirational gifts and our desk clocks offer four motivational messages, one on each side of the clock gift. Messages on our table clocks are themed around leadership and teamwork and use memorable acronyms, such as T.E.A.M to denote the inspirational thoughts. These employee gifts can contain messages such as "Leadership is an action, not a position," and "Manage procedures, lead people."
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