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Impressive medallion awards are feature sculpted metal figures, which hold removable medallions. These inexpensive awards can be tailored for any occasion or accomplishment. And our star award trophies stand 8-1/2" high with a polished metal base and a black nickel finish. Choose affordable trophies for your employees, and make high-impact statements about their contributions to your organization.

Find medallion awards, which are affordable awards, with interchangeable medallions. And our inexpensive awards are appropriate for both formal and fun recognition opportunities.

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Distinctive medallion awards will spark acceptance speeches from your employees.

Buy medallion awards, which are affordable awards for employees at every level of your organization. Inexpensive awards like these bronze champion awards have a polished bronze, silver or gold finish. Our star award trophies also have a polished metal base, which makes them stand an impressive 8-1/2" tall. Choose affordable trophies for your next awards opportunity, and make a bold statement.

Fine medallion awards are motivational awards, which can be displayed on a desktop or prominently on a shelf. With elegant and inexpensive awards, it doesn't matter where you display them because a star performance award makes a statement wherever it shines. Stock up on star award trophies and gold medallion awards because these personalized awards are inexpensive and motivational awards for every budget.
Products 1 - 1 of 1