Brass Medallion & Custom Medallions

Award Coins & Brass Key Chains

Give brass medallion award coins as your employee gifts and create a collectible that is looked forward to each year. Our custom medallions come in different styles to fit your needs, and work great as em recognition awards throughout the year. Award coins embellished with excellence quotes are helpful when achieving milestones on a project, or giving employee motivational gifts. Brass key chains awarding leadership excellence can be used for office keys, house keys, or car keys.

Brass medallions have long been used to reward leadership excellence. Custom medallions can be embellished with excellence quotes or other personalization to honor the achievements of the recipient.

A brass medallion makes a memorable recognition gift that encourages leadership excellence in your team.

Our brass medallion comes in a selection of styles to fit your needs whether you are looking for employee gifts, manager gifts, or recognition gifts. You can have custom medallions with excellence quotes to give as employee recognition awards when someone has demonstrated leadership excellence. With award coins, you create a culture in your team of friendly competition as they view for the achievement gifts. Brass key chains become employee motivational gifts when you attach a set of office keys to them.

Brass medallions throughout history meant accomplishment and leadership excellence. Custom medallions were created with excellence quotes to encourage great feats. Now you can use award coins as achievement gifts to honor the staff who work so hard for you, or as manager gifts for those leading the pack. Anytime you have employee motivational gifts such as brass key chains, you tell the office the your team matters, and you boost morale with employee recognition awards.
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