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Award Coins & Brass Key Chains

A handsome brass medallion is a great reminder, when it is given to an employee to recognize leadership excellence. Our custom medallions can be displayed many ways, and are interchangeable awards for even more versatility. Show off award coins in desktop trophies, star awards and paperweights and in other employee recognition awards. Or choose brass key chains so employees can take inspiration with them wherever they go.

Give a brass medallion to each of your managers, as a sign of appreciation for your management team's leadership excellence. Beautiful custom medallions are affordable gifts, which means you can treat every leader on your staff to inspirational excellence quotes.

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With a brass medallion, honor your employees with inspirational excellence quotes, employees can take with them wherever they go.

Shop for a brass medallion, and give each of your executives manager gifts with excellence quotes. These fine custom medallions make high-impact statements, which make them a great value. Find award coins in our huge selection of employee gifts. Browse brass key chains, achievement gifts and many recognition gifts for your staff. Our high-quality employee motivational gifts are great employee recognitiion gfits for those who regularly display leadership excellence.

Give a brass medallion as an instant recognition gift. Or give custom medallions to your entire team as motivation for the launch of a company-wide program. Award coins with excellence quotes are attractively packaged for presentation, so get these employee motivational gifts for your next awards presentation. And check out brass key chains, desktop accessories and other coordinating recogntion gifts from Successories. And give employee recognition awards to inspire leadership excellence.
Products 1 - 4 of 4