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Lincoln motivational posters of the man, who is a symbol of perseverance, make fantastic achievement awards. These handsome great leaders desktop prints share the history of Lincoln's failures and defeats, while reminding recipients that his perseverance led him to the greatest accomplishment of his life. Great Leaders posters are painted exclusively for our collection of achievement recognition gifts, and are great daily reminders of the diligence involved in some of the boldest accomplishments.

Choose Lincoln moivational posters as corporate gifts for both employees, and for clients. Great leaders desktop prints celebrate the spirit of determination and perseverance.

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Fine Lincoln motivational posters are framed desktop posters, which make great achievement awards for your staff.

Buy Lincoln motivational posters, which are handsomely framed and matted for your next achievement recognition opportunity. Great Leaders desktop prints are a daily reminder that some of history's finest leaders suffered great failures, before their greatest accomplishments. Our great leaders posters come with your choice of frame, and have easel backs for convenient desktop display.

Our Lincoln motivational posters are hand-painted, and feature reproductions of honest Abe's singature. Great leaders desktop prints are also exclusive to Successories. Choose Great Leaders posters from our huge selection of framed desktop posters, when you need business gifts for achievement recognition. Feel conifident that all of our corporate gifts will be received with pride, and proudly displayed.
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