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The lifescapes desktop prints collection use vibrant photos and inspirational quotes to create high-quality office gifts. Our beautiful inspirational framed pictures have two options for framing; a 1.25" stepped mahogany frame of a silver aluminum frame, so you can match any decor. These desk picture frames are also great for inspiring personal growths. Stock up on inspirational desk accessories for all your team members.

Lifescapes desktop prints makes giving office gifts an easy task. Our inspirational framed pictures show that personal growth can mean great new beginnings.

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Choose our lifescapes desktop prints for great gifts and inspiration for your team.

Our lifescapes desktop prints and other employee recognition gifts are everything you've been needing around the office. With inspirational framed pictures, the office atmosphere can change from one filled with personal stagnation and resistance to company changes to one filled with personal growth and organizational change. The desk picture frames are small in size, perfect for employee recognition gifts or for a little office decoration. Stock up on inspirational desk accessories for every reason you can think of.

The lifescapes desktop prints show that among the change of seasons, leaves will drop and buds will form and with every transition new beginnings will be revealed. With inspirational framed pictures, beauty will add positivity and art to your office environment. Our desk picture frames come in two frame styles; mahogany or silver, so that you can choose the perfect one to inspire personal growth. These inspirational desk accessories also come with an easel back for easy desktop display.
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