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With bright idea mini rave awards on hand, you'll never miss a moment to recognize your all-star employees. Our mini recognition awards are proof that great things come in small packages. The inspirational mini awards use innovation quotes, a unique shape, and an exclusive design that makes a statement on every desktop. Grab our motivational mini recognition awards to celebrate leadership innovation with your team.

Bright idea mini rave awards are proof that size doesn't really matter. Choose our mini recognition awards with innovation quotes for all your gift giving needs.

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The bright idea mini rave awards aren't just inspiring and fun, they're "fun-size."

A bright idea mini rave award is an easy and affordable way to recognize the smaller moments of leadership innovation that add up so quickly in your office. The mini recognition awards are more formal than a card, yet incredibly affordable so you can stay within your budget. Using innovation quotes, the inspirational mini awards will motivate your employees each time they look at them. Because the motivational mini recognition awards are small in size, they can be placed on desks, shelves, and anywhere else you can think of.

The bright idea mini rave award unique shape and design helps it to stand out on any surface. The backs of the mini recognition awards are laser-etched for a frosted effect and hand polished for a finished look. These inspirational mini awards with innovation quotes are packaged in a black velvet pouch for easy storage and presentation. Choose the perfect motivational mini recognition awards when it comes to honoring those that work hard and strive for leadership innovation every day.
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