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Sticky Note Pads & Positive Sticky Notes

Sticky Note Pads, Positive Sticky Notes, Inspirational Sticky Notes, Desktop Sticky Notes

If you need sticky note pads and inspirational desktop accessories for your employees, our inspirational sticky notes will do both jobs at the same time. Our positive sticky notes help keep important themes in the minds of your employees while allowing them to jot down every detail. All inspirational sticky notes have vibrant imagery on each side and powerful messages on each individual sheet. These desktop sticky notes each have 500 adhesive sheets, so the positive thoughts will last for a long time.

Our sticky note pads use inspiring quotes to keep your employees in the right frame of mind. Grab positive sticky notes for your outstanding employees or when you need to change the office vibe.

Sticky note pads have always been an office favorite, so grab some for your favorite, hard-working employees.

Stacks of sticky note pads have always been a favorite product in the office supply cabinet. With our positive sticky notes, you've got the power of positive thoughts combined with a functional office product to create the perfect desktop accessory. The inspirational sticky notes take vibrant images and wrap them around the paper cube for a four sided work of art. These desktop sticky notes also have positive attitude quotes on each sheet of paper.

The sticky note pads work great as employee gifts or just around the office where the extra paper is much-needed. Use the positive sticky notes to jot down random thoughts or to pass to others who need an uplifting quote. The inspirational sticky notes cube has 500 adhesive sheets, enough for tons of positive thoughts. They desktop sticky notes are also perfect for labeling or adding quick notes to documents without damaging them. Choose our sticky note pads with positive attitude quotes on them for an easy and affordable product that will do more than just stick to stuff.
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