Star Recognition Awards & Engraved Acrylic Awards

Employee Recognition Awards & Medallion Holders

Everyone loves recognition, and star recognition awards let you shine the light on your top employees. Our engraved acrylic awards include award trophies that can be personalized. Let us customize your employee recognition awards for added meaning. Our medallion holders show off our medallions with inspirational quotes.

Star recognition awards let you recognize those employees who are key to your future. Give these engraved acrylic awards to your up-and-comers.

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Give our star recognition awards to put good work center stage.

Our star recognition awards can motivate those on the rise or reward those who have arrived. We design our engraved acrylic awards to be emblematic of success. Recipients will display these employee recognition awards with pride. Give medallion holders to display our medallions with motivational quotes or choose award trophies.

These star recognition awards are made of clear acrylic. Personalize our engraved acrylic awards with your company logo or motivational quotes. These employee recognition awards are sized to fit on desktops or shelves. Pick medallion holders for manger awards that can be switched with any of our popular 1 3/8" brass medallions.

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