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Corporate Note Cards & Corporate Greeting Cards

Our motivational greeting cards feature fabulous illustrations, such as super kids holding up the planet. Give these business note cards to your employees, and they'll know you appreciate them. The corporate note cards are especially welcome during times of organizational change. Don't wait - order these inspirational corporate greeting cards right away.

These amazing motivational greetings cards help employees in setting priorities and goals. Our business note cards are popular with customers as well as staff members.

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When you give motivational greeting cards, you'll be delighted at the response.

These motivational greeting cards represent a range of qualities such as strength, leadership and courage. The business note cards have pictures of super boys and girls demonstrating those words. Our corporate note cards - the most welcome inspirational greetings cards anywhere - are blank inside so you can write your own words of encouragement. No other corporate greeting cards come close to these encouragement greeting cards in terms of appearance and meaning.

Our motivational greeting cards are fun and lively, as well as being truly inspirational greeting cards. These business note cards are packed flat so you can add encouraging quotes and messages using your computer printer. The corporate note cards are part of our SoHo collection, which stands for Small Office Home Office. Corporate greeting cards - especially inspirational greeting cards and encouragement greeting cards - are perfect for those small workplaces.

Products 1 - 10 of 10