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Price: $79.95  $67.96
SKU: DSW01173

Description: Stephen Lyman, artist and explorer, captured elusive moments in the wild with a talented and natural touch.
  • Artist: Stephen Lyman
  • Title: A Walk In the Woods
  • Frame: Polished Cherry 1" Wood
  • Mat: Warm Gray/Polar White
  • Image Dimensions: 9.75 in. W x 7.75 in. H
  • Outside Frame Dimensions: 15.50 in. W x 13.50 in. H

    • Custom framed by designers, this piece features both frame and mat selections that have been hand-chosen to enhance the artwork.
    • Ready to hang -- comes with a hanging wire for easy installation.
    • Gallery-quality acrylic glazing and premium-quality frame assembled in the U.S.A.
    • Long-lasting, fade-resistant ink on high quality lithographic paper
    • Paper is dry-mounted to prevent rippling
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    Price: $79.95  $67.96

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