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Thanks for Being Awesome Rugged Speaker

Price: $19.99   $15.99
SKU: 761135

You and your team will love our Thanks for Being Awesome Rugged Speaker . Our wireless speaker was built for the road! This ultra durable, reachargeable speaker is covered in heather gray fabric and wrapped with a rubberized finish. Effortlessly take business calls anywhere with the built in mic and convenient hands free feature while wirelessly connected to your speaker. In addition to wireless play, this speaker includes a USB drive and micro SD slot for audio playback. Amplify your appreciation with our 'Thanks for Being Awesome' Rugged Speaker, a symphony of durability and functionality. This speaker rhythmically blends into your active lifestyle, allowing music enthusiasts and professionals alike to enjoy high-quality audio whether at home, in the office, or during outdoor adventures. Its compact design ensures it is travel-friendly, while the heather gray fabric and rubberized shell speak volumes of its resilience against the elements. Ideal for acknowledging the remarkable achievements of team members, this personalized acoustic companion is not just a gift, but a statement of gratitude that resonates with every beat.

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Price: $19.99   $15.99