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Teamwork Awards and Team Building Gifts

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. Team building is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Team building games are a great way to promote team culture; they offer a chance to learn about your fellow coworkers. While getting everyone on board can be challenging, one easy way is to hand out team-building trophies and teamwork awards!

A teamwork award can turn a light-hearted exercise into a fun excursion. Whether you're hosting a one-off activity or launching an employee recognition program, games with fantastic teamwork plaques can be a great way to engage both new and veteran employees and reduce workday stress.

Teamwork Awards and Team Building Gifts

Successories' huge selection of teamwork awards and team-building gifts for employees is a great way to reward and encourage teamwork efforts in your organization. Teamwork gift ideas range from cost-effective solutions such as pens to high-end personalized gifts, like a beautifully ornate teamwork sculpture, to simple rewards, like office art and & posters. All our gifts for great teams are backed by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Promoting teamwork and improving communication doesn't have to involve long, boring meetings. You can motivate and inspire employees, along with building important communication skills simply by playing a game. The following games are designed to let employees relax and blow off some steam, while improving morale and helping your staff function better as a team.

Fun Teamwork Building Games

Games aren't just fun-they're opportunities to hand out teamwork awards that recognize outstanding performance. However, team-building games are more than just a quick respite from work; they're a strategic way to recognize employees, fortify company values, and boost productivity. Ready to see the games that make this happen? Here's how you can turn every challenge into a chance for recognition:

1. Concentration

This fun and simple game requires employees to divide into 2 lines facing each other. While one side turns away, the other changes something about their appearance. After a few seconds, the side that faced away now has to list what has changed about their co-worker's appearance. Once the differences have been listed, it is time for the sides to switch. This exercise is a great way for employees to get to know each other in a relaxed environment, while also helping to improve focus and concentration. Wrap up the game by presenting the sharpest observer with a teamwork trophy for paying attention to the smallest details!

2. Grab Bag Skits

While this exercise does require a few props it is a fun way for employees to get to know each other and work on building teamwork. Simply separate employees into groups of 3 to 8 people, and hand each team a bag filled with a few random items. Each team has 5 minutes to create a skit based on the contents of the bag, and must perform the skit for their fellow employees. Not only can stressed employees blow off some steam, it can also help revitalize lagging creativity. After the laughter dies down, hand out teamwork awards for the group with the most innovative or hilarious skit.

3. Salt and Pepper

If your employees are often separated at work it can be difficult for them to work together as a team when it is necessary, and this entertaining game can help. All that is needed is a marker, tape, and several sheets of paper, and your own creativity. Find pairs of items like salt and pepper, man and woman, yin and yang, and so on. Write an item from the pairs on a piece of paper and tape it to an employee's back. Have your staff walk around asking questions to determine what is written on their paper, and then find the team member who is wearing the sign with the rest of the pair. After the employees are paired up, have each one give a few facts about the other and share the responses with the group. After playing the game, your employees will be refreshed, relaxed and ready to work together as a team. Once everyone has presented, offer a team player award to the pair with the best recall or the most creative questioning.

4. Beach Ball Toss

If there are several new employees or you are worried that your staff might not be functioning well as a team, this exercise can help. All you need is a beach ball and magic marker, along with willing employees. Write several fun questions on the ball and have your staff toss it back and forth to each other. Whoever catches the ball has to answer one of the questions written down. This exercise will not only lighten the mood and get employees to communicate with each other, but it is also a great way to relieve stress and boredom. Finish the game by presenting a "Best Catch" teamwork award to the player with the most creative or insightful answers.

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Teamwork Definition - Athena Journal
from Kerry of Michigan

Teamwork Definition - Athena Journal

Loved this
My colleague really liked this! He is taking on a new team and he appreciated the motivational quote.

Essential Part Good Morning Journal
from Nancy M of

Essential Part Good Morning Journal

Great gift set for welcoming new employees and recognizing workiversaries.

Teamwork Rowers Rosewood Vertical Perpetual Plaque
from Jason of Minnesota

Teamwork Rowers Rosewood Vertical Perpetual Plaque

Outstanding Plaque, you won't regret it.
Outstanding product looks very professional the artwork is even better than I expected. The picture hanging bar had its own level which made hanging the frame level easier and was a added bonus. Once I hung it up I had our first employee of the month so excited to see his name in writing that he took a picture with his cell phone so he could show his friends, by the end of the week we had employees going out of their way to try and win next month already so its had a positive aspect at our work place. I did have issues getting a copy of the proof and the staff at Successories was very helpful and quickly responded to my emails it turned out to be a issue on my end. My only con for the product is it is high gloss that can make it hard to see at times, but that does not detract for the beauty of the product, Top Notch.