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They got the job...but what now? Joining a new company can be overwhelming. Papers to fill out, orientation, tours. It's a lot to take in for anyone. And while they're thinking that it's their chance to make a positive first impression, it's also your organization's chance to set the tone for their new job. Take the time to help new hires navigate through their first couple of weeks and you'll find employees reach full productivity faster and you'll encounter less turnover later on.

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Updated Saturday 09-21-2019
Welcome Teamwork 25-Pack Greeting Cards
starstarstarstarstar from Office Asst. of Roseburg OR

Welcome Teamwork 25-Pack Greeting Cards

Great Motivational Cards!
Employee Birthday cards.

Teamwork Dream Work Perfect 5 Gift Set
starstarstarstarstar from Alan Wilson of Olive Branch, MS

Teamwork Dream Work Perfect 5 Gift Set

Great products and great value
It's nice to have it all ready and bundled together for you.
As a heads up - the insulated cooler is fairly large. I thought it was a lunch box type size, but you could stand 4 2-liter drinks in it. It is quite large.

Welcome Geese Greeting Cards
starstarstarstarstar from Stephen Rennels of Loves Park, IL

Welcome Geese Greeting Cards

Great for new hires
Love these cards makes new associates feel welcome

Start New Employees Off on the Right Foot

Try some of these unique ideas to make everyone's first day (or week, or month!) a positive one.

Show Them You Mean Business

Don't wait to give them their business cards. Have them printed and sent to their home before their first day -- it builds excitement and establishes your commitment. It's also great to have a nameplate or sign ready to welcome them on their first day.

Make Orientation Fun

Every organization has an employee handbook. Whether it's a crossword, a quiz or a scavenger hunt, create an interactive game to help new hires learn more about your company. Give out prizes (notepads, card holders, mugs) emblazoned with your company logo upon completion.

Set The Tone

Don't just lead them to an empty desk, have supplies and desk accessories waiting for them when they arrive. These items are also great opportunity to reinforce important corporate values. Functional welcome kits and desk accessories will add color and make every new hire feel welcome.

Use The Buddy System

Give new hires a "buddy" from their department who can show them the ropes. The buddy can then introduce them around, take them to lunch and let them know the day-to-day ins and outs of your organization. This also allows your new employees to have someone close by to answer questions that may arise after orientation is over.

Give Them A Cheat Sheet

Remember, your new hires may be new to the company, but they may also be new to the area as well. It's always helpful to give them a list of restaurants, dry cleaners, malls and other retailers in the area.

Have A Celebration

Make every new hire feel special by creating a celebratory atmosphere. Have everyone in the department stop by on the new employee's first day and say "Hi!" Make them feel truly welcome.