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Best Admin Day Gifts & Ideas for Professionals Appreciation Day 2024

National Administrative Professionals Day is April 24th, 2024

Administrative professionals are an essential component who keep businesses going. Every year, on the last Wednesday and last full week of April’s calendar, we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day and Administrative Professionals Week to show these amazing professionals how valuable they are to our organizations. Administrative Professionals Day gifts from Successories are the perfect way to show your appreciation to administrative professionals any time of year.

Whether you're looking for functional, decorative, or recognition-themed administrative assistant day gift ideas, Successories has thousands of beautiful gifts to choose from. Browse our entire line of thank you gifts, or click below to shop administrative assistant day gifts that make recipients feel truly special.

11 Best Admin Appreciation Gift Ideas

You don't have to limit your recognition of your team to gifts for Administrative Professionals Day. It is important to use employee appreciation gifts all year long. These admin day gift selections can be given when an employee goes above and beyond their duties, when they're celebrating a work anniversary, or for a wide variety of other occasions. Here are eight unique gift ideas for administrative professionals at your organization:

1. Personalized Cutting Boards

Gift your admin professional a unique touch for their kitchen, blending functionality with personal style.

Navy Metallic Acacia Wood Cutting Board Secretary Gift Ocean Vibes Acacia Wood Cutting Board Secretary Gift Acacia Serving Board Secretary Gift Navy Metallic Acacia Wood Cutting Board Secretary Gift Ocean Vibes Acacia Wood Cutting Board Secretary Gift Maple Cutting Board Secretary Gift Slate Cutting Board Secretary Gift Walnut Cutting Board Secretary Gift

2. Custom Engraved Vases

Flowers fade, but the vase you custom engraved will be cherished for years to come whether on display at your admin's desk or at their home.

3. Desk Plants and Grow Kits

Inspire your admin professional with a grow kit, fostering growth and greenery in their personal space.

Growing Succeeding Plant Cube Secretary Gift Working Growing Succeeding Modern Desk Planter Secretary Gift Thanks for All You Do Planter with Stand Secretary Gift Making a Difference Personalized Plant Cube Secretary Gift Sowing Seeds of Success Planter Cube Secretary Gift Never Forget How Amazing You Are Planter Cube Secretary Gift Thanks for All You Do Plant Cube Secretary Gift Teamwork Personalized Plant Cube Secretary Gift

3. Candle Gifts

Give an attractive and scented desk accessory that shows your appreciation every day.

Black Personalized Clay Candle Admin Gift Tobacco & Patchouli Personalized Concrete Candle Admin Gift Sea Salt & Sage Personalized Concrete Candle Admin Gift Working With You is a Gift Personalized Wooden Candle Admin Gift White Personalized Clay Candle Admin Gift Making a Difference Tin Candle Admin Gift Bergamot & Mahogany Personalized Concrete Candle Admin Gift Attitude is Everything Personalized Wooden Candle Admin Gift

4. Key Chains

These keychains serve as a reminder of your gratitude every time they're used.

1 Year of Service Lapel Pin Admin Gift Custom Service Blue Lapel Pin Award Admin Gift 15 Years of Service Lapel Pin Admin Gift Leading by Example Metal Keychain Admin Gift 20 Years of Service Lapel Pin Admin Gift Years of Service Metal Keychain Admin Gift 5 Years of Service Lapel Pin Admin Gift 25 Years of Service Lapel Pin Admin Gift

5. Pen Gifts

Pens are professional and functional keepsakes that they'll love using.

Excellence Mountain Signature Series Pen & Case Secretary Gift Service Waterfall Soft Touch Pen & Case Secretary Gift Excellence Chrome Pen Secretary Gift Essence of Leadership Chrome Pen Secretary Gift Above & Beyond Jets Signature Series Pen & Case Secretary Gift Essence of Leadership Chrome Pen Gift Set Secretary Gift Years of Service Rose Gold Pen & Case Secretary Gift Change Butterfly Rose Gold Pen & Case Secretary Gift

6. Journals

These stylish and useful journals can be used personally or professionally.

Thanks for Being Awesome Blossom Journal Secretary Gift Leadership Definition - Castor Journal Secretary Gift Making A Difference Snowflake Quilted Notedbook Secretary Gift Leadership Definition - Crios Journal Secretary Gift Leadership Definition Helios Journal Secretary Gift Making a Difference Magnetic Rugged Notebook Secretary Gift Great Teachers - Vegan Leather Journal Secretary Gift Celebrating Excellence - Vegan Leather Journal Secretary Gift

7. Drinkware Gifts

Admins will know they're appreciated every time they reach for their favorite beverage.

Teamwork Dream Work 16oz Color Guard Stainless Mug Admin Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Blossom 24oz Straw Tumbler Admin Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Soup Mug & Spoon Admin Gift Making it Happen Square 16oz Color Guard Stainless Mug Admin Gift Thanks for All You Do Matte Mug Admin Gift Thanks for All You Do 15oz Camp Mug & S'Mores Gift Set Admin Gift Thanks for All You Do Holiday Camp Soup Mug Admin Gift Thanks for All You Do 19oz Tumbler Admin Gift

8. Personalized Gifts

Engrave a custom inscription on select stunning gifts for something truly personal.

Star Crystal Paperweight Admin Appreciation Gift Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock Admin Appreciation Gift Personalized Mini Stone Succulent Admin Appreciation Gift Star Acrylic Paperweight Award Admin Appreciation Gift It Takes Teamwork Magnetic Clip Holder Admin Appreciation Gift Achievement Is Everything Vase Admin Appreciation Gift Crystal Gear Desk Clock Admin Appreciation Gift Leadership Compass - Personalized Metal Paperweight Admin Appreciation Gift

9. Bags & Totes

These versatile gifts display your appreciation whether they're used for work or outside the office.

Thanks for Being Awesome Value 4 Gift Set Appreciation Gift Teamwork Dream Work The Complete Tote Appreciation Gift Attitude is Everything Non-Woven Trunk Organizer Appreciation Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Perfect 5 Gift Set Appreciation Gift Thanks for Being Awesome Value Eco Active Set Appreciation Gift Thanks for All You Do Perfect 5 Gift Set Appreciation Gift Making a Difference Rugged Lunch Container Appreciation Gift Making it Happen Square The Complete Tote Appreciation Gift

10. Engraved Barware

Give your admin a way to remember you while destressing with a classy token of appreciation to their home bar.

16oz Iridescent Goblet Secretary Gift Stainless Steel 64oz Holiday Growler Secretary Gift 22oz Rose Gold Goblet Secretary Gift Personalized Crystal Wine Cradle Secretary Gift Red Swiss Force Personalized Wine Multi-Tool Secretary Gift Personalized Craft Wine Decanter Secretary Gift 8oz Gold Rimmed Flute Secretary Gift 14oz Celebration Goblet Secretary Gift

How to Find the Perfect Gifts for Administrative Professionals

Office admins are the foundation of office life. These and other administrative support professionals make sure everything in an organization is running smoothly, and that everyone has what they need. Admin professionals are hard workers that conduct work that is integral to the long-term feasibility of an organization's operations and should be rewarded for their steadfast efforts with gifts to remind them that they are an important part of every business. Luckily, finding gifts for administrative professionals is easy when you shop at Successories!

Administrative Professionals Day

The perfect opportunity to show appreciation to your administrative team is coming soon - Administrative Professionals Day! It is celebrated every year in the United States on the Wednesday of the last full week of April - this year, it's on April 22. This day recognizes anyone that can be considered an administrative professional; a secretary, office assistant, receptionist and personal aide would all be considered members of this group. The holiday celebrates their crucial role in modern business and recognizes the hard work they do every day to keep a company on track.

According to TIME Magazine, the holiday originated during World War II due to the large number of citizens who were involved in the war in Europe and the Pacific. Administrative professionals rose to fill the vacancies in the economy, keeping U.S. commerce on track during and after the war. Soon enough, the importance of administrative professionals had been solidified in the public consciousness and Administrative Professionals Day was established as a holiday to celebrate their contributions.

What do administrative professionals do?

An administrative professional is any employee that supports the activities of their office and organization through various types of people-focused work. This would include employees like receptionists, personal assistants, and others - those who help coworkers and customers through processes that they are unfamiliar or need additional help with. In addition, administrative professionals often do lower-level organizational work, like building schedules for superiors, organizing events, reporting on visitor metrics and other activities.

By taking on lower-level work that is nevertheless essential to the functioning of a business, administrative professionals make a company a well-oiled machine. They allow other workers to focus on their areas of expertise without being bogged down by menial work. Admin professionals keep things running while bosses are out meeting clients, conduct reports for salespeople and greet customers themselves so others don't have to pause what they are doing to welcome visitors. Without administrative workers, employees would be held back with numerous other tasks that don't relate to their main areas of responsibility or experience, and the business would suffer for it as a result.

Showing your appreciation

Administrative professionals are hard workers, and without them, many businesses would not last long. Thus, not only is it smart to show your appreciation to your administrative workers, but it's also the right thing to do. Finding the perfect gift is not always easy, however. While they all have the commonality of the same job, administrative professionals, like all people, have diverse tastes and preferences. But, there are steps you can take to figure out just what gifts will be a hit!

The first thing you should do when thinking up some gift ideas for an administrative professional is to consider the present context. Is there a service milestone that they recently met, or is one coming soon? If so, you could get them a gift that celebrates their many years at the company. Items like plaques or trophies can send a message that you appreciate their hard work and their loyalty to your company. These are also appropriate gifts for rewarding going above and beyond the call of duty. Perhaps they helped their coworker get through a massive workload, or brought in a new client through their own personal networking.

However, sometimes a different gift would be more fitting. Trophies are pretty to look at and prestigious, but they don't have that personal touch that some bosses would prefer. Instead, you can get a gift based on their hobbies and interests. Any good boss gets to know their employees, as it helps build a more cohesive and cooperative workplace. But, in the event you don't have any information to make an informed decision on a gift, you can just ask them! Honest communication is a refreshing practice in the workplace, and this lets your employees know that they are appreciated even before a gift is handed out.

Finding the right gift for the administrative professional in your life requires a multi-pronged approach. Something personal can work well as a gift for Administrative Professionals Day, while items like trophies can be good rewards to mark a milestone in their career or major achievement. All that matters is that it's a thoughtful gift that shows your admin employees just how much they are cherished. After all, 81% of employees feel appreciated when receiving office gifts from their company, according to a study done by online database company.

No matter your choice of gift, Successories has you covered. Is your administrative professional an avid writer, frequently taking notes or jotting down little stories at their desk? Some personalized, congratulatory notepads and >high-quality gift pens can be a welcome gift to receive. If they are committed to fitness, a handy water bottle can make their gym time more enjoyable! Whatever the case, Successories can help you decide.

Shop Administrative Assistant Day Gifts

Besides making your administrative team feel valued with thoughtful gifts, employee recognition plays an important role in creating engagement throughout your entire organization. Other employees will see that leadership acknowledges the work of the team. Peers of admin professionals will increase their appreciation for the work being done. Other employees may be motivated to increase their level of productivity in hopes of being recognized, as well.

When you give Administrative Assistant Day gifts and offer tokens of appreciation year-round, it's beneficial for both those who receive the gifts and for your business. It's easy to display your gratitude with Successories, since we're constantly updating our extensive selection of gifts with new innovative ways to show you care. Browse a wide variety of administrative gifts here.

Administrative Assistant Day Gift Ideas

Secretaries, administrative assistants, and other office professionals are often some of the hardest-working employees who take care of the details that ensure business operations run smoothly. Showing recognition of administrative support staff throughout the year is a meaningful way to keep staff motivated and encourage retention for your business.

For Administrative Professionals Day, Administrative Professionals Week, and throughout the entire year, here are some ways to enhance the careers and satisfaction of administrative professionals at your organization.

  • Create a special event specifically for administrative staff. Pair a presentation by an educational speaker with group recognition from the chief executive. Close the event by presenting each administrator with an appreciation gift. A picture frame, pen holder, or other desktop accessory featuring a motivational message is a way to show you care.
  • Provide registration for a professional development seminar to help administrative team members to learn new business, technical, or communication skills. To generate excitement around the program and reinforce your commitment to ongoing education, give each registrant a padfolio to use at the seminar.
  • Establish an on-site library stocked with relevant self-study materials. Include publications targeted specifically toward administrative professionals.
  • Support membership in appropriate professional associations. Look for organizations that offer educational workshops addressing topics such as office technology trends, career development planning, effective communication, and more.
  • Encourage continuing education with the ultimate goal of professional certification. Provide tuition reimbursement or discounts if possible.
  • Let your support staff's strengths shine by delegating responsibilities based on their interests and skill sets. Use instant recognition items like lapel pins and medallions to offer on-the-spot appreciation of contributions.
  • Make sure the gifts you select have both professional and personal meaning. Office accessories such as engraved desk clocks, desktop nameplates, and personalized business cards reinforce your support of their professional development and let them know you appreciate their unique talents and contributions.

Your administrative personnel likely have amazing talents that can help elevate your organization to new heights when they are recognized and utilized. Use appreciation gifts to instill confidence in your team and increase their dedication to the success of your business.

About Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day

What quietly began as National Secretaries Week® in 1952 has transformed over the years into the more inclusive Administrative Professionals Week® to become one of the largest workplace observances around the world spanning nearly every industry. There are over 4 million people who work in secretarial or administrative assistant positions in the United States.

The president of The National Secretaries Association, which is now The IAAP, was Many Barrett. She and C. King Woodbridge, who was president of The Dictaphone Corporation, were on a council that was tasked with finding a solution to not having the necessary skilled office workers available.

They came up with a solution with the help of a third person named Harry Klemfuss and that was a campaign for a national secretaries week.

The first National Secretaries Week occurred in 1952 from June 1 to June 7 and was proclaimed so by Charles Sawyer who was The U.S. Secretary of Commerce back then. Tuesday, June 4 was chosen as the designated day for National Secretaries Day.

The National Secretaries Association, supported by other corporate groups, decided to make a change to the observation date of National Secretaries Week and they changed it to April. National Secretaries Day was to be observed on Wednesday of the last week of the month.

The changing nature of the workforce was the reason the National Secretaries Association became Professional Secretaries International or PSI back in 1981. This also was the reason National Secretaries Day was changed to Professional Secretaries Week.

PSI decided to change their name in 1998 to the International Association of Administrative Professionals as this was a reflection of expanding roles of office staff. The IAAP announced Professional Secretaries Day was being changed to Administrative Professionals Day in 2000. This was needed to address the structure of administrative staff and responsibilities of office staff in an organization.

When is Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day?

While Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day is no longer just National Secretary's day, it is similarly celebrated the Wednesday of the last full week of April. The last full week of April is known as Administrative Professionals Week.

When is Administrative Professionals Appreciation Week?

Administrative Professionals Week is always held annually during the last full week in April. Administrative Professionals Day is always held on the Wednesday of that week.

Administrative Professionals Week was founded 1952 as "National Secretaries Week" by the then National Secretaries Association. The goal of Administrative Professionals Day was to recognize secretaries for their contributions in the workplace. The idea began with Mary Barrett, president of the National Secretaries Association, now called the International Association of Administrative Professionals, and C. King Woodbridge, president of Dictaphone Corporation. Serving on a council addressing a national shortage of skilled office workers, together with Harry Klemfuss, public relations account executive at Young & Rubicam, believed that a National Secretaries Week would attract individuals to careers in the administrative field while recognizing "the secretary, upon whose skills, loyalty, and efficiency the functions of business and government offices depend."

Administrative Professionals Week is always held annually during the last full week in April. Administrative Professionals Day is always held on the Wednesday of that week. The week that was designated as Administrative Professionals Week was once called National Secretaries Week by The IAAP or The International Association of Administrative Professionals. There were also a variety of office product manufactures that were involved in the initial organization back In 1952.

National Secretaries Week®, Administrative Professionals Week® and Administrative Professionals Day® are registered trademarks of the International Association of Administrative Professionals.