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Customer Favorite Excellence

Updated Tuesday 07-23-2019
Excellence Mountain Certificate Paper
starstarstarstarno star from Bruno the Bronco of Brampton, ON

Excellence Mountain Certificate Paper

Student Recognition Certificate
This product is used to recognize students who have achieved over 90% in a Health & Physical Education course. The students love it - and the quote on the certificate is motivational as well as reflective of what they needed to do to get to where they are.

Excellence Eagle Rosewood Individual Award Plaque
starstarstarstarstar from Meredith Evans of Northridge, CA

Excellence Eagle Rosewood Individual Award Plaque

Great Gift for Someone Truly Exceptional
Twice I have purchased this plaque with completely different dedications. Both people went way above and beyond with real selflessness. The writing re: description of "excellence" pre-printed on the plaque is quite small; must be close to read it but personalized portion is large and easily read by anyone seeing the plaque.

Excellence Mountain Gunmetal Individual Award Plaque
starstarstarstarno star from Hentis of San Jose, CA

Excellence Mountain Gunmetal Individual Award Plaque

Long Time Happy Successories Customer
Great recognition. Very nice images. Some quotes are a little arcane and hard to use, but most are great.